Thursday, September 27, 2007

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Monday, September 10, 2007

(9/9/07-Mizuno Wave Run)

Going all out at the last 400 m

I was glad that I didn't go all out for yesterday's IMU run in order to save my leg for this important race . There was no ache from yesterday's race and I felt fresh running in this event . I'm not sure if it was good or bad because may have not pushed enough coz I only got 51 min . I remember the last time I took part in this event in 2005 I got 47 min which is a 4 min difference . Perhaps I was fitter at that time .Perhaps I have just recently started trainning in May after recovery from operation in March .

Nevertheless , I'm quite satisfied with my timing and hope to do better next time .

Saturday, September 08, 2007

(8/9/07-IMU Charity Run)

Me , towards the end of the race .

This is a run which is very worth it because the T-shirt given( for 1st 500 to collect bibs) is really value for money. It is similar to a Nike dri-fit . There were also nice items inside the goody bags
( which you can get after the run) .

In terms of organising , it is OK but not 5 star , the only hiccup is that when collecting the bibs , I had to wait at least 50 mins just to get my number . It seems all the categories were in one counter and they did not divide it into various counters to ease the flow . But the T-shirt as I said was worth it , worth the wait . Hopefully don't have to wait next time if they open more counters .

I was having an infection of the throat and lots of phlegm that I have lost my voice since Monday .Breathing wasn't easy with the phlegm stucked in the throat area .It was quite a hilly run . Anyway , I didn't push myself that hard coz I was saving my legs for tmw Mizuno Wave Run , which is also another even hillier run .

In the end just going at a comfortable pace , I looked at the U-turn runners and knew I'll be getting a medal ( For top 50 only). In the end, I got 37th position for this 7 km run at 33 min 15 secs .

Next race , Mizuno Wave Run tmw !!