Sunday, August 26, 2007

26/8/07-Subang Jaya 10 Km run

At first I didn't want to take part in this run because I wasn't confident if I could get a medal . I then decided at the last minute , which is about a week before the run that I wanted to take part .
I told Ronnie my intentions , although it was already the closing date , may be there was someone who couldn't make it or pulled out after registering for the race .

True enough , Lai's friend ( one of the first to register , bib number A0008 ) , also Kenny Tan , couldn't make it and I took over his number .

So , off I went for this run today . Found a good parking spot ,did some stretching , forgot to give my reporting card but anyway I just threw it on the floor where we were assembled at the starting line . (This reporting card is very important if we are top 3) . Realistically I know I won't be top 3 but may be next time :) hehehehe .

Started a bit slow coz there were a number of people blocking me .( Iwas at the 7th row from the front ) I could see a number of the pacemakers were far ahead of me already .I just went at my own pace and try to maintain the distance . Saw Raymond and Khoo overtaking me from behind at the beginning stages .

There was this Malay guy who was pacing with me for at least 8km . We both didn't communicate with each other at all . He was going at a pace which I felt was worth pacing . Slowly but surely , we slowly overtake some pacemakers . 1 st Ferdinand ,
, then Raymond , then Lai , then Adam , then Zul .

Wow , thanks to this guy , it helps to pace with someone .

In the last 1 .5 km , this guy drew away from me , but it was alright for me coz I overtook a number of runners already . My legs and breathing were also getting weak and labourous .

Finished in a time of 45 min 34 sec for 61st placing and average pace of 4 min 38 sec per km .

I'm happy to be able to get a medal and get this timing considering 5 months ago Iwas just recovering from my operation .

At the end of the race , CM said to me that I'm improving, I can only say... " Thank you Jesus !! "

Monday, August 20, 2007

19/8/07-Watsons Health , Wellness and Beauty Charity WAlk and my wedding anniversary )

Me ,my wife and Ferdinand before the start of Walk . ( Pictures courtesy of Runwitme)

Walking with Eye on Malaysia at background ( Pictures courtesy of Runwitme)

At the last minute on Saturday , my wife and I decided that we will go for this walk coz of the freebies and coz we can talk about the things we had done together when we are old next time . Furthermore its our annivesary , 7 years to be exact !!

The registration was chaotic because the vans carrying all the items including the bibs didn't arrive on time due to being not sure where the exact location was . The organisers being their first time also did not know what to do .

The vans finally arrived ,we got our bibs and then the walk started . Being my first time in a competitive walk in many years , it was not easy to maintain speed all the time . At times there was a certain aches at the calf and shin area as I walked . There was also some lactic acid build up .

Some people were also running , which i think is not fair even though many goody bags await the finishers . The officials didn't observe properly the runners .

Finished in about 13:03 for a distance of about 2 km and got the goody bags , the Watson RM50 voucher and the Eye on Malaysia ticket .

Friday, August 17, 2007

17/8/07-Friday -Larian ASJC

ASJC stands for Alor Setar Jogging Club . They should call this ASRC ... Alor Setar Running Club coz most of them can run . Its held on a Friday coz its a Public Holiday in Kedah on Fridays unlike KL which is on Sundays .

Anyway ... I came for this with Ferdinand . We departed from KL at about 11 pm on Thursday and arrived Alor Setar Bus Station ( also called Shazan Perdana) at about 5 am . Then after getting a taxi to Bee Bee Park , Haris' friends ( Teo) then picked us up from there to bring us to the ASJC running club nearby .

Unfortunately , there was no elctricity and we did all the registration by torchlight . After awhile the electricity came on and the organiser announced that the race will start at 6.30 am .

As we started the race , it was quite cooling and there was a slight drizzle . The whole route is almost flat , except for the half way point near the Kuala Kedah bridge in which the bridge road slopes quite steeply for about 200 m .

I was pacing with ( Chanbai and his pacing helped me to overtake a number of runners who overtook me earlier . We also chatted a bit as we ran coz he and I discovered we were both from KL .

At the half way mark u-turn , he suddenly ran away from me . He got further and further but I concentrated that he didn't got more than 150 m .

I quickened my pace at the last 2 km and at the last 50 m , I was almost 10 m within reach of him but it was just too hard to overtake him anymore .

In the end he got 17th and I got a close 18th for a timing of 1:50:23 sec . I'm happy with my result coz the timing has been improving every race .

After the long lucky draw (which Ferdinand and I were fortunante to win a tin of Milo each ) , Haris friends took us to the nearby restaurant to have some Bak Kut Teh .

Then they took us to the bus station and we arrived the bus station at 12 pm . We wanted to catch the 1230pm bus,unfortunately , all the counters were sold out ! The only ticket left is an extra bus which will be departing at 10 pm and that also is a Bus Kilang with aircond . We have no choice but to take it . We will arrive tmw at Puduraya at about 4 am .

Right now we are stuck in Alor Setar and just loitering around including going to a mall in Pekan Rabu nearby to watch "Rush Hour Part 3"

Sunday, August 12, 2007

12/8/07-PJ Half Marathon

Me towards the last 1.5 km .

Order of event :

5.25am: Wake up and get ready including SHIT

6.00 am : After breakfast , had to SHIT again !!

6.10 am : Leave hse for KJ stadium

6.23 am : Main turning into stadium closed so used another road .

6.25 am : Found a parking spot amidst the full house for my little car .

6.28 am : Ran to starting line side and shake hands very briefly with Ron , Chen and Lai .

6.30 am : Race starts but after 1 min only remembered to start stopwatch .

At a normal pace until 9 km mark and saw CM ,paced with him till 16km mark at the U-turn at Terminal 3 .

CM ran off and I slowed down .

At last 1.5 km mark , Tey was there to take photos ,(see photo on top ) . He gave me some encouragement too and I quickened my pacing .

Slowly overtook 4 people and suddenly at last approx 1 km , key flew out from my shoe .I had to stop , get my key and tighten my shoe lace . At the same time , the 4 guys overtook me again .

My momentuum gone . But regained to overtooke 2 people in which I overtook 2nd person a few meteres from the finishing line .

Overall timing : 1:53: 05

Conclusion :i'm happy with my timing coz it was better than Ipoh wch was 1:57.