Friday, March 30, 2007

(30/3/07-Friday-Small hole ON stomach ,, , )

Went for 2nd wound dressing this morning . As the nurse was cleaning it , she said it was better than yesterday coz yesterday was dirtier .

I also found out that the same nurse has been in the same job for almost 30 years , since 1978 !! She has seen worst cases including nerves and bones .The fact that the nurse has been experienced for so long put me at ease and know that i'm in experienced hands .

As she cleaned it , she said the stitching might have to be redone by doc coz my wound didn't close properly . I said , Ok, since I'm already here , might as well call my doc to come and see me . She
agreed , called the doc while I waited .

The doc came and agreed that I should redo the stitch using thread .But it will be just local anesthetic and I don't have to be admitted at the hospital .

So back to the hospital next week to close the wound .

Right now , I have a small hole at the stomach wound, there is no pain at the wound but I think its as deep as almost 1 cm.

But there is no blood gushing out , coz the doc saw it and said its clean.

Thursday, March 29, 2007

(29/3/07-Thursday-Stomach held together by staples)

I just discovered my stomach is actually held together by staples and not thread . I found out when I had the appointment today to take out what I thought will be my stitches . I thought I will be seeing the doctor but it turned out to be an experienced elderly nurse.

There was just a bit of pain as she took out every pin . It totaled more than 10 over staples all together .

There was still a bit of old blood and based on the nurse advice , I still need to come back again tmw to clean the wound even though the staples has been taken out .

So , after cleaning the wound today the nurse then put on another bandage over the wound and its more thicker now .

Wednesday, March 28, 2007

My room mate at the hospital.....S...I

One of my hospital room mate suffered worst than me .His name S...I . Malay chap , nice guy .Was a CID in Sarawak for 10 years .Age about mid 30's . Than he transferd to Johore . That's when his problems started .

Amputated left leg

Not sure how it happen or what health factors but he told me his left leg was amputated about 2 weeks ago ! . Now , there were some complications and his right leg is affected . The blood circulation wasn't going well on the right leg and there was some kind of blockage .

Change nerve position

It seems , doc then recommend that immediately he should change the position of the nerve at the top of his right let to the bottom of the leg . ( Later on , 2nd opinion said he should have gone for an ultra sound to look for the blockage first ) .
His operation took 4 hours and then he was then wheeled to my room .and that's how I knew him .

Imagine 2 ops in a month !!

Last year

He had an op last year , also intestinal op ,the only diff was part of his intestine had to be cut out and that op took about 4 hours and he had to stay in hospital for a week .

His future

asked him , what's next for for him ,and he replied , this infirmities will get him bed ridden for at least 6 months!! . And after that , either he will go back to a desk job as a police or he will just take life easy and just relax first coz he is still getting his pay from the police force .

Tuesday, March 27, 2007

Ironies in a hospital

I'm just still recuperating but at the moment still writing .

Looking back last week and this week , which is my 2nd day at home , I can actually compare a hospital and a house and the hospital's ironies . You see , people go to hospital to rest , treated and recuperate too . But is it really so ?

Some points where there is not really rest , although its treatment , but no REST :

1. You sleep and suddenly , nurse wakes you up every 2 hours to take your blood pressure and temperature .
2. Outside your room you can here nurses talking
3. Inside your room you can hear relatives of other patients talking .
4. Inside your room you can hear nurses talking to other patients.
5.Inside your room you can hear the sound of all kinds of medical equipent beeping.
6. Nurses comes and clean us up at an unearthly hour of 5.30 am .

All these results in a non-continous sleep .

Not that i'm not grateful to the hospital , but just bringing to you the IRONIES of REST in a hospital .

In fact ,I'm very grateful to the nurses coz they are always so helpful when you need help and most of the time gentle and hoping the best for the patients .

Sunday, March 25, 2007

(25/3/07-Sunday-I'm back home ...recuperating running for 2 months)

Firstly , I would like to say thank you to all my friends who visited me and wished me .It is very touching to know people cares .

Jesus also cared for me this time and when I found out I had to be operated , I didn't have any anxiety or fear , just peace . I was prepared for it .In fact , when I went for my 2nd check up in the U H in the afternoon of Wednesday , I brought along my bag of clothes , toiletries and ready to be put in drips .

Sequence of event

Vomit 8 times before admission to hospital .


12 midnite :Go U.H and they took X-ray, gave injection and tablets and i went home .
1 pm: Receive call from another U.H doc who wants a 2nd relook at me
2.30 pm :Arrive at UH , doc put in tiub thru my nose down to stomach to suck out gas and bile into a bag ( It will be there till after operation) .This really helped caused after that my bloated feeling ( bloated as in just eaten buffet even though drank just a bit)
3.00 pm : Did C.T scan to scan stomach
3.45 pm : Doc put cathether thru penis and so urine will go thru another bag automatically

4.00 pm to 11 pm: Wait at waiting area for my op , ( during this time I wasn't even sure the time
of my op and was waiting eargerly)
11pm : Wheeled into op preparation room


Midnite : Op starts , before the op , anesthician gives my Nebuliser for my asthma (a kind of oxigen mask which I have to breath thru for about 10 to 15 mins) . I said I.didn't feel asthmatic but she said I have to use it just in case it happens during op .

After that , I was given the general anesthistic , it starts with an oxigen mask over my , which I'm still conscious ,suddenly I'm unconscious as they put the anesthesia . Before that , anesthician did asked me what I want to be called , I said Kenny.
1am: After Op Anesthician calls me " Kenny ,Kenny, wake up " or something like that( calls me at least 5 times)

I thought I was dreaming , but went I woke ,immediately can feel the after effects and pain of the op , and I'm still at operating teather . So I wake up I find its not a dream and they wheel me to my room shared with 3 others.

1am to 4 am : Can't sleep well coz of the pain , there was two kind of pain ,1 post op pain , 2 unusual pain where can feel1 side if the intestine acting by itself .I kept asking nurse for pain killer but they said no .( Later on I found out I have actually been given )

5 am : Can sleep better but noice from outside distruption

12pm : Can't drink anything and feeling hungry and thirsty , feeling bored .Justin comes on time .

Evening : Some relatives and friends comes and Adam and Khoo and Yaziz


Doc says can sip water , thats a relief .

Raymond Hee also comes , he is just on duty a few floors away !

Evening : Ron , Rac and Tey comes and some more friends and relatives.


Doc says can drink anything , even better relief

Noon : Abu and Saiful comes

Eve : Chen and Wai Fong comes

Sun : Doc says can eat anything and discharge, so here I am at home !

Will have some more stories soon !

Wednesday, March 21, 2007

Mon , Tues Wed , no run , sakit!!

Severe stomach gastric since Tues . 4am see private doc . Doc give injection (pain killer) .Improve a bit , less pain although , vomit 8 times . Wed 12 midnite go U H , different doc ,also injection (pain killer) , new medicine .

Wed recovering , still some pain in stomach . Stomach feel bloated like just finish eating buffet . But , haven't eaten for a day !

Whole day sleep on Tues .

Sunday, March 18, 2007

(18/3/07-Sunday-No sleep before KLIM Marathon and race report)

The day before

Went to Petronas Philharmonic Ochestra at KLCC . Free tickets were given out to watch this Irish guy perfom on organ .
My parking ticket for 2 1/2 hours was only RM 1! coz parked at K-Avenue and walked across to KLCC via the tunnel .

Had tea at 3 pm at Cold Storage , (modesto pizza ) and at 4.30 pm ( Masala Thosai and and some goreng pisang stuffs)

Evening :Suddenly bro called and we were off for a steamboat buffet at Sunway ( RM21) per head .

Accidentally took tea

At the dinner , tea was served and I acidentally drank it , I was not suppose to drink tea at nite or won't be able to sleep . It was after dinner that my wife remembered I shouldn't drink tea at nite . Too late . Drank already .

By the time I got home : 11.30 pm

Can't sleep

I put my alarm for 3.20 am . Got to bed at 12 midnite but was tossing and turning . Woke up briefly to see the time and it showed 1.48 am but still no real sleep . Got up again 2.45 am , still no sleep . After a short semi sleep , the alarm rang at 3.20 am and time to wake up ! In theory , I didn't have a real sleep all nite , just a rest on the bed !!

The starting

After having my breakfast of 2 slices bread and peanut butter , 12 pieces dates and warm glucose . Drove to Padang Merbuk , not many cars there. Then jogged to starting point . Did my stretching before going into kandang .
The plan was to get approx 53 min per 10 km .

There was no atmosphere like S'pore Marathon but i was glad I'm running here this time , if I remembered correctly , last year I was in the half marathon and was seeing the Matathoners took off . There was this traditional drum beat at the start and i was hoping next time I could be among this runners of the marathon . At last , my first marathon in KL , 1st marathon was actually in S'pore , so this is my second official marathon .

After running about 4 km , Saiful came to my side from the back and said he wants to pace with me . I said OK, we will try sub -4 coz in S'pore he was just behind me by 1 min .

Knee pain 15 km mark

After running 15 km , I told him to go ahead coz I'm getting some medicine at the refreshment counter . He went ahead while I put some deep heat at the knee . After awhile it got better , I ran alone and overtook Lee Chin and Girl .

Saw Saiful again

Saw Saiful again at about the 23 km mark and he told me he was going slower .But again as I ran , the knee hurt again and at some stations I asked for deep heat rub by myself . Saiful then went ahead .

Saw Girl

Approaching the last 30 km , I saw Girl which I overtook earlier , I told her she is doing well . She said she wants to overtake the girl in front which I think is 1 km away coz I didn't see her anymore .She said may be she can't overtake I told Girl she can do it . Never say never and got her to pace with me . The pacing was fast and the 3rd 10 km time approaching 30 km was about 49 min ! I saw Saiful again at the water station before 30 km and had a drink and Girl then continued and overtake us all . I paced with Saiful again but my legs were tired and he disappeared again .

Hit the wall

The last 10 km was a struggle , every step hurt especially at the thigh area . It was further aggravated by the knee pain in which by now I can't lift the knee a certain angle or it will hurt . My running technic changed because of this , to cushion the impact on the knee . I just couldn't wait for the run to end and kept thinking when can i get to finish line The marker showed 9 more km to go and I was suffering all the way .


The last 5 km also felt long and I couldn't wait for the finish , Leg hurting . With another 2 km to go I was in a semi jog state and was grateful for the downhill to Dataran Merdeka . As i ran , there was pain and the knee also felt bad if I accidentally changed my running stance . As I was near the finishing line , there was no fast finish and it fact 2 people ran past me . In the end ,I'm glad its finished , finished with a slow jog to the finishing line at 3: 56:51 ,a P .R for me .

I was happy to break my P.R which in S'pore was 4 min 9 . Sad that I didn't achive my target of 3:45 coz of the pain at the knee and thigh . Next time will have to do more 30 km runs .

Distance :42.195 km
Duration of work out : 3 hour 56 min 51 sec
Location :KL
# of times used Asthmatic inhaler and remarks : 1 times used inhaler used before race , breathing OK


Friday, March 16, 2007

(15/3/07-Thursday-Ran with Ronnie a bit fast )

I wanted to run slow but Ronnie was again on his fast mode . I had to follow coz needed to discuss with him certain matters . I was struggling for breath and feeling asthmatic a bit coz i didnt use any inhaler before the run coz it was suppose to be a slow work out for me today , with KLIM this Sunday, i didn't want to strain myself.

With another 600 m till the end of my 2nd round , I told Ron the fast run (actually it was just about 4 min 55 sec per km pace) is enough for me today and I slowed down while he continued at the same fast pace .

Distance :4.6 km
Duration of work out : Approx 25 min
Location :Lake Garden
# of times used Asthmatic inhaler and remarks : 0 times used inhaler , breathing (*see story) .

(14/3/07-Wednesday-Easy run with Justin , later on carboloaded)

At last ran with Justin again , had not ran with him a long time . It was an easy pace .

1st lap about 13 min
2nd lap about 12 min

Ronnie was there but he was on his fast mode . We only started together with Ron ,after few meters he was gone but within our sight .

Later in the nite , I went with some friends to Italiannies in 1 Utama , where every Wednesday , for RM19.90 , you can have all the pasta you want . I only had 2 plates . It was quite feeling .

Distance :4.6 km
Duration of work out : Approx 26 min
Location :Lake Garden
# of times used Asthmatic inhaler and remarks : 0 times used inhaler , breathing ok .

Tuesday, March 13, 2007

(13/3/07-Tuesday-Just a slow jog)

Was suppose to run with Ron at Lake Garden . Before that , I went to EPF and by the time I arrived home was almost 6.30 pm . I saw it wasn't worth it to go all the way to Lake Garden coz I would have time to run 1 round only . In the end I decided to run near my house hilly area at Seputeh . It was just a slow easy jog literally .

Distance :Approx 5 km
Duration of work out : Approx 45 min
Location :Tmn Desa
# of times used Asthmatic inhaler and remarks : 0 times used inhaler , breathing not that easy at first , after that was ok .

Sunday, March 11, 2007

Can't wait for the tunnel to end , so humid !

(11/3/07-Sunday-Run Smart Tunnel race and catch up from behind)

The day before the run

Dinner consisting Lui Cha Fan or in English , Green Tea Rice .

Slept at 12 midnite . Woke up by dog incessant barking 1.30 am , not once but 4 times within a space of 40 min , by the time really sleep again is 2.10 am .

Woked up by dog again at 3.30 pm , total times dog woke me up , 5 times .


Woked up by alarm at 6.30 am . Breakfast glucose and dates .

Arrival at race location at 7.15 am

Immediately went to the starting point but people were all lining up and I can't find officials for me to give my reporting card . I asked around and people tell me they are at the front , which means I have got to go thru the men's group ( A group ) via the back to the front !! In order not to make people angry , I told them I'm going front to give my reporting card, so they make way for me .

There was no space to stretch and I used the min space I have to stretch my hamstring and thigh .

Race starts

I can see Lai already line up in front , I'm at the 7th row and Gunaseelan is next to me . As the gun shoots , he disappears , my 7th row becomes quite far back as everyone starting fast and we are stucked and I can't run fast . After 100 m only can get into the stride and I pace with Vincent for awhile . In fact Zul , pacemaker 43 and Eric Teo was already in front of me by 50 m .

The tunnel begins

At the beginning of the tunnel , Vincent runs faster and I can't follow him . In fact , before race yesterday , i already told Ronnie that I will start slow and not fast and use experience to slowly overtake . I can't see the rest of the PMs and was thinking I'm i going to be in last group of Pms this time ??

At the tunnel , 1st 2 km I overtake Zul and also Eric Teo .Towards the last 2 km of the tunnel , i suddenly see Lai, Saiful and I think its Ronnie , but they are like 150 m away . I maintained consistent pace and slowly overtook Saiful then Lai .

Coming out from tunnel

I see Ronnie in front of Chen , they are still 100 m away . We make a u-turn to go into tunnel again . At the u -turn , I can see I have behind me Lai , Saiful and Shine .

Inhaler before entering tunnel again

I took out inhaler from back pocket ( carefully as the cap might easily come out and i wouldn't stop to pick it up) and took a sniff . 2 people overtake me at this point . I held on to inhaler to save time but decided to put it back into back pocket . I couldn't . I tried again and this time I could . Now i can run "handsfree" . Slowly i overtook the 2 again .

Pain at knee

During the 2nd phase of the race in the tunnel heading towards finish , i could feel occasional pain at the right knee . I kicked the leg a bit and it was back to normal .It happen a number of times and i endured with it . It effected some nerves at the back and as i ran , there was some pain at the back nerves . After awhile it was back to normal.

Consistent pace

I maintained consistent pace , looking beyond Chen who looked like slowing down but I can't overtake him yet , Ronnie on the other hand looked liked he increased the pace as his gap from Chen further and further . I have to run faster if I want to catch up with Ron . Towards the last 2 km of the tunnel , i overtook Chen . Now , time to catch Ron . At this time i overtook Badrul and also overtook Vincent at last . Ron still 100 m away.

Mad dash to the finish .

Slowed down a bit when coming to the end of the tunnel coz its going uphill . Ron still 100 m away , I'm still chasing like mad and on my 7th gear . Last 800 m to go and at this point while chasing Ron , overtook another 3 other people from my A group . I'm like 50 m from Ron , I on my turbo near the finishing line and Ron suddenly turn back could see I'm coming after him and he is like 20 m in front of me but in the end i couldn't overtoook him . Ron 36th , me 37th place .

Overall , i'm happy with my performance coz i didn't started to fast , had a consistent pace averaging 4 min 30 sec per km pace throughtout except for the last faster 2 km .In the end , happy to come from behind and overtake some friends .

Distance :13.3 km
Duration of work out : 59 min 42 sec
Location :Jalan Tun Razak
# of times used Asthmatic inhaler and remarks : 2 times used inhaler , before race and during race as per story .


Friday, March 09, 2007

(9/3/07-Friday-no run just rest but read this...)

Today , my friend sent me an interesting article of how God helped another friend on 9/2/07 recently .

Read on if you are free .

(8/3/07-Thursday-Run at lake slow with Ron and Lai)

We decided there won't be any mid-week race for this week . Everyone is not in the best of shape at the moment .

Ron-Sore throat and fever a bit
Lai-Tired leg coz too much pia
Kenny-Tired leg and small ache coz run so long last Sunday

We just ran easy . Average pace 5 min 22 sec per km pace.

Distance :11.5 km
Duration of work out :Approx 1 hour 1 min 50 sec
Location :Lake Garden
# of times used Asthmatic inhaler and remarks : 0 times used inhaler , breathing OK

Wednesday, March 07, 2007

(7/3/07-Wednesday-Run at KLCC with Lai and Jamie for awhile)

I arrived KLCC at 6 .15 pm , at that time Lai was already running his 1st round at a fast pace . My plan was to run 10 rounds but coz of the late arrival couldn't coz was to pick up wife at 7 pm nearby .

Lap story :

Lap 1 : 5 min 50 sec ( 4 min 29 sec per km pace, ran with Lai)

Lap 2 : 5 min 42 sec ( 4 min 23 sec per km pace, ran with Lai and we getting faster)

Lap 3 : 5 min 54 sec ( 4 min 32 sec per km pace, I feeling asthmatic short of breath)

Lap 4 : 6 min 13 sec (4 min 46 sec per km pace, I told Lai enough of pia for me , Jamie comes and i stop a short while to pass him my car key for him to get his bibs)

Lap 5 : 7 min 40 sec (5 min 53 sec per km pace , I run myself a bit slower)

Lap 6 : 7 min 31 sec ( 5 min 46 sec per km pace , I see Jamie 200 m away and chase after him to get back my keys and run with him )

Lap 7 : 8 min 13 sec ( 6 min 19 sec per km pace , last lap for me and I have got to go off already )

Distance :9.1 km
Duration of work out :Approx 47 min 06 sec
Location :KLCC
# of times used Asthmatic inhaler and remarks : 0 times used inhaler , breathing .... *see story above*

(6/3/07-Tuesday-Birthday run)

6/3/73 , The day I'm born . Now 34 . I don't feel old and not afraid of being old.If people ask why ? I would answer from a running aspect point of view . Coz , the older I get , The higher the chance of me getting into the seniors age group and easier to get some results ...hihihihih

4 significant thing happen today :

1. Lunch - Ate with Justin
2. Evening - Run for the first time in Celebrity Fitness ( on the treadmill)
3. Dinner - Friends threw surprise party for me , or at least the cake was a surprise.
4. Night - Borrowed " Click" starring Adam Sandler and laughed my head off , 3rd quarter of the show was quite touching .

End of this interesting day !

Distance :6.7 km
Duration of work out :Approx 45 min
Location :Celebrity Fitness , Subang Jaya
# of times used Asthmatic inhaler and remarks : 0 times used inhaler , breathing ok

Sunday, March 04, 2007

(4/3/07-Sunday-Run in 3rd circuit run 2007)

Didn't run on Friday and Saturday but ate a lot to carbo-load . Woke up at 3am on race day as the dog was barking and then went to sleep again .

6 am: Had some glucose and a bit of pasta at home for breakfast .

The run started above 7 am ,which was normal for circuit run .I was aiming for top 6 hoping somehow to get reimbursed for my Marathon fees .Did I achieve it ? Read on ...

The lap timing and story behind it :

Lap 1 : 10 min 33 sec ( 4 min 35 sec per km pace , Would have been faster but after
running 300 m , my shoelace became untied and i had to stop to tie it back
,caused me 20 secs)

Lap 2 : 11 min 19 sec ( 4 min 55 sec per km pace, I saw my lap time and thought it was a bit too
fast coz I remember Ron telling me to average 11 min 30 sec )

Lap 3 : 11 min 14 sec ( 4 min 53 sec per km pace, still maintaining the about same pace)

Lap 4 : 10 min 44 sec ( 4 min 40 sec per km pace, faster now coz I paced with this guy (Tey) from B category who runs very loudly and fast )

Lap 5 : 11 min 06 sec ( 4 min 49 sec per km pace, still pacing with him)

Lap 6 : 10 min 37 sec ( 4 min 36 sec per km pace , still pacing with him and he is going even

Lap 7 : 10 min 55 sec ( 4 min 44 sec per km pace , he is slowing down and behind me by 10 m , I
suddenly turn around ask him follow me )

Lap 8 : 11 min 13 sec ( 4 min 52 sec per km pace , he didn't follow anymore my motivation less
now , anyway he got 1st in his category later on )

Lap 9 : 11 min 11 sec (4 min 51 sec per km pace , still about the same pace, at this time I was
asking Tey PM22 how far in front i am in front of Chen , he said 200 m)

Lap 10 : 11 min 46 sec (5 min 6 sec per km pace , my calf begin to hurt and I ask St John
ambulance personnel for Deep heating , they were searching and
searching in their bag , I said never mind , search I st , I tahan
the pain , run 1 round and get from them , at this time , I also realise
Chen has actually overtook me when i was tying my shoelace at lap 1 ,
therefore he is not behind me but in front me by 200 m as per inform
by Tey .)

Lap 11 : 11 min 59 sec (5 min 12 sec per km pace, my sole was hurt for awhile but no more
hurting but calf still hurting , I looked for St John ambulance at the same
spot where I spoke to them and they are not there ! I ran with pain
1 more round!! :(

Lap 12 : 11 min 52 sec ( 5 min 9 sec per km pace , this time I found them at the starting line ,
so I stopped and asked them faster give me some deep heat .
I rubbed on my hurting calf and the pain was gone )

Lap 13 : 11 min 44 sec ( 5 min 6 sec per km pace, I went a bit faster coz the pain was gone , Tey PM 22 keep asking me to chase Chen , I said I can't , leg pain)

Lap 14 : 12 min 02 sec ( 5 min 13 sec , my legs are getting tired and I can't chase anyone , I
have slowed down )

Lap 15 : 12 min 00 sec ( 5 min 13 sec , I couldn't wait for this to finish and I'm getting slower
and weaker)

Finished in 5 th place for a free entry to KLIM 2007 !! I achieved my goal !!

Distance :34.5 km
Duration of work out :2 hr 50 min 27 sec
Location :Lake Garden
# of times used Asthmatic inhaler and remarks : 1 times used inhaler , breathing not so smooth before run and yesterday


Thursday, March 01, 2007

(1/3/07-Thursday evening-"RUN" here and there before the real evening run)

It has been a long day today before the evening run . As I ran , I told "Tulang " and "Paul" what happened the whole day . Count the number of places I went as the story goes below :

545 am : Wake up

1. 630 am : Arrive at Subang ( from my hse in Tmn Desa) to fetch a couple to KTM in town
2. 715 am : Arrive at friend's hse in Sentral area to collect some items to be given to a charity
3. 745 am : Arrive at Lake Garden for morning run
4. 915 am : Arrive home to bath and blog a bit , reply emails .
5. 945 am :Arrive MBB update passbook
6. 1015 am :Arrive post office to post letter
7. 1030am : Arrive church discuss something with someone
8. 1045am : Arrive Charity to deliver the items which my Sentral friend gave in the morn .
9.1115am : Arrive Tmn Megah to deliver some vests to be printed , I needed the print out copy 1st but person in charge wasn't in
10. 1145 am : Arrive friend's office collect some files for him to bring to auditor
11. 12 noon : Arrive rojak stall and ate mee rojak .
12. 1.15 pm :Arrive Tmn Megah again coz the vest sample print out is ready
13. 1.45 pm : Arrive Cash Converter , at Tmn Mayang to sell some unwanted items
14. 2 pm : Arrive at toilet , after a long walk searching for one to pee
15.2.30pm : Arrive at D.U area to pass sample print out of logo to my friend Ccube
16. 2.45pm :Arrive at Petrol Stn to Seremban Highway to get some coffee
16 3.15 pm :Arrive at a shady spot to take a quick nap as feeling very sleepy
16.3.30 pm : Arrive at Pandan Indah to pass the files to auditor
17. 4.30pm :Arrive at company sec at Happy Garden and pass some files wch i collected from
auditor at Pandan Indah
18. 5 pm : Arrive at church to borrow an item .
19. 520 pm :Arrive hse , get ready my running clothes and wear it
20.615 pm : Arrive Lake Gdn run with 2 friends , " Paul" and "Tulang"
21.715 pm : Arrive at Bkt Aman toilet to take a shower
22. 7.55pm : Arrive KLCC to fetch wife
23.8.30 pm : Arrive friend's hse to have dinner with him and his girl
24.11 pm : Arrive church return the item
25. 1115 pm : Arrive at Petrol Stn at Old Klang road to refill petrol
26. 1130 pm : Home Sweet home !!

26 places altogether .This is crazy !!

Distance :6.9 km
Duration of work out : 37 min 55 sec
Location :Lake Garden
# of times used Asthmatic inhaler and remarks : 0 times used inhaler , breathing ok

(1/3/07-Thursday-Run in nice morning environment)

Ran 2 laps on extreme loop .

Weather : Cooling and no hot sunshine
Birds : Chirping
Breathing: Easy
Noise : Minimal , just the sound of my footsteps and easy breathing

This is what I call a nice morning environment , everything very relaxed compared to yesterday's pia kau kau lat .

Distance :7 km
Duration of work out : 47 min 54 sec
Location :Lake Garden
# of times used Asthmatic inhaler and remarks : 0 times used inhaler , breathing quite ok after the first lap