Wednesday, December 26, 2007

Pictures at SEA Games in Korat ,Thailand

One part of Korat in North Eastern Thailand . We flew to Bangkok by Lufthan
sa and then took another 3 hr journey by coach to Korat.

I was there cheering for Malaysia !!We cheer following the cheer leader's tune and drum beats .

We took pictures with Thai children .

We stayed in this 3 star hotel , Hermitage Resort and Spa . Everything has been paid for by Samsung !!

Our cheer leader with pretty Thai girl selling blow horn.

We cheer for Malaysia with all our heart .

Our Malaysian Ping Pong player after the semi final where she won her Thai counterpart . Her coach begged us to come support her again in the afternoon for her Final against Singapore's Wang Yeu Gu ,World No 10 ( Actually imported from China). Unfortunately ,we had other obligations and had to go to other venues to support other athletes . We really wanted to support her but our leader said no .Anyway , Sock Khim lost in the final as th e Singaporean was too strong for her and she got a silver . I am left pondering , would she had won gold if we had been there to support her ??

Whenever we go to any stadium , we will be marching in with a song (Barisan Kita) and with some drums noise .

The Basketball ladies after they won the Final against Thailand . The NSC have announced that the Ladies basketball team was the overall best team in the Malaysian contingent of the SEA Games . I totally agree , I was there . It was a very close fight with Thailand leading by a few points most of the time . But ,our girls really fought for every ball till the last minute where they won Thailand by just 1 point for 61-60 !! It really silenced the Thai cheering supporters and we get to sing Negaraku with all our heart during the prize presentation .

Sporting Thai girl supporters.

We had a bit of time at The Mall , Korat

TV3 crew followed us in our coach and plane and all this will be aired in one of the sports proagramme .


Saturday, December 08, 2007

2/12/07-Set Personal Best at Singapore Marathon

I am very happy to set a P.B at the Marathon . Formerly was about 3 hour 57 min at KLIM 2007 , March and then 2 days later got hospitalised and operation for twisted intestine .

Started trainning again from 0 fitness in May .

The new P.B : 3 hour 52 min 09 sec based on my watch when I start at the mat and finish at the mat .

Technicalities has never been perfect , last year after I ended the S'pore Marathon with atime of 4 hr 12 min , the volunteers gave me a half marathon medal !!

This time , the system in their website says I didn't step on the mat at start !

Not a problem for me .

I have to thank 2 pacers , Kit at the 1st 20 km and another Singaporean lady who ran with a draggy feet for the next 15 km . Thank God too for the last 7 km where He gave me extra strength to power on and up the pace ("Sayuring some people ") even though it was getting hotter .

Theoritically I have no placing but by analysing the timing I see that I'm about 391 th place over 8 k over people and I'm happy about this . More better news to come in future .