Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Asthma Run-11/5/08

Me, wearing the Asthma Run T-shirt posing with my friends after the run .

This is the 5km run to celebrate World Asthma Day . Its an event to inform people more about Asthma and how to control it . I almost didn't go for it because my legs were a bit aching from Saturday's pia at Bomba Run.

But then ,I remembered the effort that Frank put in for me to register the run and also being an asthmatic myself , I thought I should actually go for this run no matter what my condition . So I went for it , this time I wasn't late at all and they gave the runners a free T-Shirt .

The organisers strongly suggested that everyone that had the free T-shirt to wear it . I wore it even though some of my friends who got it didn't wear it . I just wanted to show support in this way .

It's actually easier to run with the running vest but since this is just a fun run , I didn't really pia at all and just started slowly from the back . After awhile , my body warmed up and I started to go faster especially towards the last 1.5 km . At this point overtook a few people including Geraldine ( The fast lady ) and also Tay Poh Chye .

Came in 24:47 , wasn't sure how I did in this route last time .

In conclusion , this run also reminded me that exactly about a year ago , this was my first competitive run after recovering from my operation and that time I was even slower and going at jogging and talking pace .

One year has passed so fast and thank you Jesus for helping me to recover from the operation !

Sunday, May 11, 2008

Bomba Run Report-10/5/08

The night before

Set my alarm for 6.05 am .slept at about 1230am , which is after my regular Friday nite Home Fellowship .

The morning alarm

Somehow , I didn't hear my alarm . Surprisingly ,I manage to hear my phone which is in vibrate mode when Adam called me . We have arranged to meet at Bukit Aman at 645 am for me to collect my bib from him .

Adam : Kenny , are you coming for the Asthma Run
Me : Yes . ( Just awakened by the conversation)
Adam : Are you on the way ?
Me : Yes , I'm on the way ( Still blur)
Adam:Where are you ?
Me: I'm going to leave my house now ( In my heart I know it will be another 10 mins before I leave the house)
Adam : Ok , I will wait for you at the starting line

Conversation ends and I look at the clock shown on my hp , Goodness ! It shows 7.05 am !

The rush

Looks like I have to rush to Dataran without breakfast . Quickly change and then rushed to Pdg Merbuk to park my car . Took my inhaler twice before coming out of the car . Straight away ran downhill towards starting line .Good thing this Parlimen road is going downhill. Passed by Rachel and she tells me that I'm late and Adam is waiting to pass me my bib . Arrives at starting point . Everybody is at the starting line . I don't see Adam at the front . Anxious but I head towards the middle entrance of the "Kandang" , look around and still don't see Adam . Vincent who is already inside the "Kandang" spots me and tells me my bibs are with Fook who is just 2 feet away from me and he is just taking photographs . Fook gives me my bib and helps me pin 2 pins to the back while I pin the front .

Another 3 mins to go

When all this is done , then only I gave my reporting card to the official with about 3 mins to go . Got inside the "kandang" , sees Adam , Frank , Lai and Choi and I do a bit of stretching .It was fortunate that I had just enough time for all these .

The race starts

I then rush like the rest from the middle trying to get a good position .Lots of human traffic. At the hill at Kenny Hill area after the Bank Negara ,I overtake Chen who was going slow including running on the grass ! Then after that was pacing with this C category guy but after awhile I didn't pace with him anymore as he was too strong .

By the way , this is my 1st time on this route I believe

Believe it or not , surprisingly this is actually the 1st time I'm on this route. Other times, I just didn't make it or races starts in different areas .I was trying to imagine that long Jalan Duta hill that Ron has been talking about and at last I 'm running on it today .It sure is tough because after awhile , Chen has come and overtaken me from behind and about 50m in front of me .

2nd wind

I wasn't motivated anymore because of the toughness of this course . Suddenly , another person was about to overtake me and I made it a point to follow his pace which is quite fast .I've gained second wind and managed to overtake Chen again after running for about 2 to 3 km with this person . With another 2 km to go , we were going at a fairly steady pace when I began to experience side stitches . Good thing this side stitches happened when we were going downhill at Jalan Parlimen heading towards Dataran .

P.R !!

I maintained my pace downhill and also ignoring the side stitch pain . At the same time , being a first timer on this course , Iwasn't sure where we were going to finish so I didn't on any turbo . With another 600 m to go , I suddenly saw Stanley and this was when I on my turbo to overtake him . A malay guy who was quite in front of me earlier was now within my reach with another 150 m to go at the finishing line at the field but then I didn't want to overtake him at all because I didn't want to have sprint finish to save my legs and I also remembered how bad I felt when someone overtook me at the last few metres in one of the races .

I also sort of estimated I was within medal position and my guest was spot on when I got 57th place and a medal ( medals are for the top 75) and timed at 51:10 ,being my first time on this course .

Saturday, May 10, 2008

Another shoe from Adidas-8/5/08

Went with Ronnie,Frank and Saiful to the Adidas office today . We got another shoe under the Adidas seeding program again . Mine is named the Adidas Adizero Tempo , worth RM399 in the market .Have not got the chance to try it yet but has been wearing it around to season it a bit . Its a mixture of cushioning and racing therefore its just a little bit heavier than the Adidas Boston which I got in January this year . Adidas Boston was 321 gm and this is just extra 9 gm at 330 gm .

Here are some pictures above showing the shoes and me at the Adidas office. (Courtesy of Frank Chong)

I will write a report about it once I have tested the shoes.

Thursday, May 08, 2008

Report on Adidas Boston

At last my short report in the simplest layman terms . In January I got for free the Adidas Boston and I was suppose to write a report about it .

Why I'm happy with it ?
It helped me achieved my P.R at the Hong Kong Marathon on Feb 17 , 2008

Is it that comfortable ?
Yes , it is comfortable because :
i) Even when I wear it for fun without socks , I don't feel discomfort and moisture from my legs just easily dries off because of the Climacool System .
ii)During long run , it doesn't feel as if it is getting less cushiony towards the end of the run because there is some shoes where after a long run , you will feel like there is less cushion .

How is the response on the road ?
I feel it has good response in the aspect of lift off or toe off .

Light ?
Yes , light enough to be a trainer and a distance racer .

Disadvantages or negative issues ?
i) Shoe string a bit too short , but not a major issue
ii) When the road is wet , then because of the Climacool system with holes at the soles , moisture can also easily get into the shoe but vice-versa , moisture can easily get out of the shoe.

If there is only 2 to 3 choice of shoe next time and Adidas Boston is one of them, will I choose it again ?
Of course , the shoe gets my thumbs up and there are more positive aspects about it as you can read from here .

Thank you ADIDAS !