Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Some Hong Kong Marathon photos on 17/2/08

1 KM to the finish line , lots of crowd cheering the runners . I took this picture when I was going back at about 1 and half hours to 2 hours ( 5 hour mark) after I completed my run . There is no picture of me running because of miscommunication with my wife as she didn't arrive on time to see me finish and anyway , I finished before our estimated time !

People still running .

Me posing after the race

Me posing at the finishing line before
the race

Me and my wife Marianne (PACM Adminstrator) at
Ocean Park

Tuesday, April 01, 2008

30/3/08-KL Marathon and other "marathon"

Me admiring my medal and my friends after the marathon .(From left : Saiful , Me , Kevin, Lim and Ron)

Its Tuesday today , just ran the KL Marathon on Sunday . Yesterday did a very slow recovery run of 2.8 km at a very slow 9 min per km pace . Legs are all aching . Every step hurts.

Other "marathon" :

To treat myself , I went on a movie marathon from Sunday onwards after the Marathon :

Sunday 5 pm : "Duyung" ,a malay movie comedy about mermaid

1145 pm : "10,000 B.C" ,a movie about stone age type people rescuing their people from the capture of intruders

Monday 3.15pm : "Be kind , Rewind " a comedy about this guy who accidentally deleted all the shop's video tape and they did their own remake .

9.40 pm : "Horton hears a who " : Cartoon on Horton the elephant finding some sounds from a speck of dust , it turns out there are a people called the who people inside this speck of dust.

1155 pm : The Spiderwick Chronicles : About this house with a special book which the children have to protect it from the Ogre .


After the marathon , I found there were some chafing and at first it hurts when I walked even with powder , later on I solved it by using plaster and as of today ,its healed . In fact , the plaster has dropped of but don't know where .

Why reward myself with the "other"marathon ?

To celebrate the fact that I have managed to break the course record , last year was 3 hr 57 min , this year is 3 hr 51 min 38 sec . Last year , 1 day after marathon , I had major operation caused by intestine twisting in stomach and it took me two months before I could even do a slow jog . I could say that I'm back .

Sufferings :

The last 12 km was ran at a slower pace of 5 min 48 sec as compared to the other km s averaging at 5 min 30 sec. I would say ,I hit the wall at the last 6 km coz I was just very tired and couldn't go fast anymore .

Before the sufferings

I was going at a constant pace from the starting line and I was pleaseed with it compared to last year where there were all sort of pains which I got at the half way mark . This time it was smoother .

Overall ,I'm happy with the marathon I ran and hope to improve further even though I didn't P.R set at the Hong Kong marathon this year .