Wednesday, May 30, 2007

(30/5/07-Wednesday-I have no more appendix ! )

I went for another check up at the U H today . This time I saw the doc who operated on me , a prof . Earlier last month , my 1st follow up check up wasn't with the doc who operated on me .

This time I found out 5 things from the doc which I didn't know :

1. My appendix has also been operated during the operation , even though I didn't have appedicitis.

2. There is no synthetic mesh covering any hole in the stomach lining , which I initially thought there is , coz the doc who didn't operated on me told me so during my follow up check up .

3. The hole in the stomach lining which I had since young actually been widen to easily facilitate the bowels and intestine to easily go thru it and easily come out of it at anytime .

4. I don't have a hernia , which initially I thought I have , I just have twisted intestines .

5. My internal organs which has been operated on now have adhesions or in other words , permanent internal scars , therefore , whatever part that was used to be smooth , some of it is now not so smooth anymore .

Interesting discoveries which now only I discover .


Sun :54 min and approx 8 km

Tues : 50 min and approx 7 km

Friday, May 25, 2007

(24/5/07-Thursday-Ran 6 km)

Ran , that's the word . I looked at myself and I believe it is a bit faster then jogging . Not too fast or too slow . Calculated at almost 7 min pace .

Still , won't be pushing myself yet . Slow and steady .

Wednesday, May 23, 2007

(23/5/07-Mon to Wedesday)

Monday to Tues

In the morning had a short jog . Afternoon went to Genting . Room 38.88 and breakfast included . Had Pizza Hut then watched Spider Man 3 .

Tues , morning breakfast then afternoon Mc D's .

Looks like fast food day this 2 days .


Lunch , Ipoh Kopitiam and then evening , another slow jog of about 5 km .

no more leg ache at the moment .

Can't go fast yet .

Thursday, May 17, 2007

(16/5/07-Wednesday-Little ache)

After jogging with Yaziz on Tues , I had a little ache in the late afternoon . I suppose the leg wasn't used to jogging 8km after a long time . In fact my mileage increase was very gradual and minimal .

It is back to normal today ( Thursday , 17/5/07) already .

Some non-hilly jog today .

Tuesday, May 15, 2007

(15/5/07-Tuesday-Longest jog in 1 and a half months)

As I was going to begin my jog from the Lake Garden playground , suddenly i saw Yaziz coming . I joined him at his jogging pace . We chatted but it wasn't easy to chat and jog like last time because I have less fitness now . Last time I can easily run and chat at the same time . This time I was panting and talking .We went thru that 5.7 km loop that we usually go , the one which passes the mosque on the right .

After that , he went another round while i completed another round at the lake .

At the finish line at the playground , Ronnie and Adam was there and I chatted with them .

Distance :8 km
Duration of work out : Approx 1 hour
Location :Lake Garden
# of times used Asthmatic inhaler and remarks : 0 times used inhaler , breathing OK

Monday, May 14, 2007

(13/5/07-World Asthma Day run and wife's 1st jogathon)

Me and my wife in her first jogathon .

Me , Alden and Adam enjoying a slow jog .

I entered my first race 1 and a half month after my operation . Its not much of a race . Its more of a jogathon since its called the World Asthma Day Jogathon . Its just 5 km and I have jogged 5 km before . In fact there were a few good reasons to join this jogathon (Thanks to Ron who entered my name ) :

Entrace fee , FREE !

T-Shirt , FREE !

Food , FREE !

Being an asthma patient , I have supported this race for the past 2 years.

My wife , first time join jogathon !

There was no competitiveness or pia spirit in me when the race started . In fact I started from the back with Ah Loong . After 5 minutes running with him , he went faster while I continued my constant jogging pace . After awhile I saw Adam and Alden and chatted awhile with them .

I was at first worried that I will get last but then , the worries disappeared when I noticed there were a number of people who were just walking or just jogging and walking whereas I maintained my constant pace .

In the end ,I didn’t get last and happy to complete the run in the middle pack .

My wife got 6th place ! –Temporary

My wife being a first timer , submitted the receipt at the same counter as me (A counter ) when I submitted mine to collect our bibs and T-shirt . In fact the official accepted it until I notified that she is supposed to submit at B counter . The official then realised that she should do that and gave her back her receipt to submit at B counter .

She then went with Rachel further in the middle pack at the starting line . After completing the lake part of the race for about 1.5 km , she then saw the hill leading to the deer park and bird park . Suddenly she felt hungry as she saw some officials and other people already having their food at the starting /finish line , thinking that this is also like a water/food station , she asked someone where to get the food and drinks and they told her to go to the finishing line . As she approaced the finishing line , the official gave her a card , and asked her to write her name on the sheet of paper . She promptly did that and went to get her food . She then was too lazy to continue the next 3.5 km and didn’t continue .

When I came back , she told me she has eaten her food and was given a card with the wording C6 and she asked me what was that card for . I told her that it meant she got 6th position !!

She was surprised and promptly went to inform the official that she did not complete the run at all and shouldn’t be in 6th position . The official shooked her hand and said to her , “ I haven’t never seen anyone so honest in my life before ! “

So , that was the story of my wife who in her 1st run got a 6th position , temporary !!

Distance :5 km
Duration of work out : 33 min 33 sec
Location :Lake garden# of times used Asthmatic inhaler and remarks : 0 times used inhaler , breathing normal .

Thursday, May 10, 2007

(Thursday-10/5/07-Jogging distance get further and further)

I have increased the jogging distance . First it was about 800 m the other day . Yesterday , at Lake Garden it was 2.3 km . In fact I started with Ronnie , Lai and Justin , just like the good old days . The good old days just lasted for 10 seconds because after that they went at normal speed and I at turtle speed .

Today at the park near my house , jogged without stopping for 4.5 km approx . It was good to go further and further .

Tuesday, May 08, 2007

(8/5/07-Tuesday-Walk and jog)

I exercised at the park near my house today morning. Each round is about 450 m . When I walked fast , it will take about 5 min 45 sec to complete each round . What I did today was to walk 1 round and alternate to jog 1 round . Jogging each round took me about 5 min .

Altogether totalled 10 rounds . The last 2 rounds was just jogging .

Have achieved some sort of come back in terms of jogging a longer time , approximate 10 min compared to just 40 m the other day !!

Monday, May 07, 2007

(5/5/07-Saturday-Walk a bit , jog just 40 m)

I tried to jog half way during my walk .Manage to put in about 40 m . There is a tight feeling at stomach area as I jog .I won't want to aggravate it so I'll just be walking at the moment .

Thursday, May 03, 2007

(3/5/07-Thursday-A longer walk then usual)

My intention today was just to walk starting from the playground at Lake Garden , up Carcosa and back to the playground via the lake and for 2 rounds . This would had totaled around 5 km .

As I finished the 1st round , suddenly i saw Yaziz coming . He then joined me . He was going at a slow jog pace while I went at a brisk walk pace . He was going thru that 5.7 km loop that we usually go , the one which passes the mosque on the right .

I followed him and that resulted in me walking more than usual . Anyhow , it was a good workout for me .

Distance :Approx 8 km
Duration of work out : 1 hour 24 min 13 sec
Location :Lake Garden
# of times used Asthmatic inhaler and remarks : 0 times used inhaler , breathing OK

Wednesday, May 02, 2007

Ability to sleep on the side

After 1 month plus of sleeping on the back , it was a relieve to finally be able to easily sleep on my sides .

It seems before this ,it was not very easy to sleep on the side coz each time I try to sleep on the side , there was some sort of discomfort .

I'm very happy that now I can easily shift positions when I sleep . It's back to normal comfortable sleep .