Monday, June 25, 2007

(24/6/07-Penang Bridge Run-personal worst !)

It was my longest half marathon in my life . Because i have just recovered ( 3rd month after operation ) ,I just went slow . It took me 2 hr and 39 min 4 sec . My personal worst !!

Overall being my first time, it was a great experience to run on the bridge .It was quite a long run and also my first long run after 3 months . At the 15 km mark ( timed at about 2 hours ), suddenly there was some pain at the back of my knee at the left leg . I took some deep heating and after awhile , it was OK .

The legs were getting weak at the 15 km mark onwards . The pace was getting weaker and then just slowly jogged back . After awhile it got really crowded coz the fun run and I think 10 km category were making their U-turn somewhere along the bridge .

As I arrived at the finishing line , I was looking for some water and so just joined the line for some fruit juice . I wanted to go for my fav. Milo but the que was really very long .

My impression of how this run was organised compared to S'pore :POOR

Signages everywhere pre pace , during race and post race were just not enough for the competitor .

My time at Penang : GREAT

Travelled and stayed with Ronnie , Rachel , Loong , Adam and Sim and we had a great time eating and sometimes up to 3 rounds of food per meal . Great Penang food !!

Saturday, June 16, 2007

(13/6 and 16/6-Wed and Sat)

Wed : Ran 1 hr 1 min + near my house . May be about 10 km + .

Sat :Ran only 32 mn near my house . Its about 5 km .No time to run extra as had an appointment . Suppose to wake up 5.45 am to run Hartamas 20 km but decided not to as didn't sleep well last night . Tossing and turning on bed coz I think i took the Essence of Fish and that made me not sleepy but energetic .

Tuesday, June 12, 2007

(11/6/07-Monday-Run with Ronnie...awhile)

For the 1st time in 3 months , I ran with the great Ronnie around the Lake Garden lake for 1 round . Before this , due to my health , I couldn't run at a reasonable pace yet .

Ronnie slowed down for me during the 1st round and we chatted . It was a lap of 14 min 15 sec , my fastest in 3 months but I guess it was his slowest in 3 months !

After that , I asked him to go ahead , as I went at my own slower pace and he went at his own faster pace .

Total laps I went was 4 laps or 9.2 km in 1 hour 1 min .

Saturday, June 09, 2007

Me, sweating out under the hot sun during the Fellowship Run at Kepong .

Thanks to the volunteers who made the event a success and furthermore we can drink after every loop .

I arrived just on time for the Fellowship Run at Kepong and didn't even stretch . That's me on the left on the grass , in blue .

(9/6/07-Saturday-Longest run in 2 and 1/2 months)

Joined Ronnie and a group of runners in an organised run around the Taman Metropolitan at Kepong . Each loop is 3.65 km . I went for 5 loops equivalent to 18.25 km ,being my longest in 2 and the half months .

It was a very hilly run and after the 2nd round my legs were just getting tired .

Anyway I went on and went at a consistent pace of between 5 min 45 sec and 6 min pace .

Completed the last 2 loops with Kelvin Ng pacing me . He was not feeling good too but he went on for another extra 2 to 3 loops .

It was a good but hot run and good to evaluate my fitness which at the moment is so so .

Thursday, June 07, 2007

(6-7/6/07-Wed and Thurs)

Wednesday : Ran/jog for 1 hr 4 min + at Seputeh area .

Thurs : Only 36 min this time , after that something got into eye , had eye irritation and tears and couldn't concentrate on the exercise . Now eye is OK already.

Sunday, June 03, 2007

(3/6/07-Sunday-Supposedly15km NB volunteer run)

6.10 am :Alarm rang ,I slept back , wasn't sure why it rang .I though
t ,am I suppose to fetch a friend to airport , answer "NO" . Am I suppose to go tho church , answer "No" coz went yesterday . So suddenly woke up at 6.25 am , I remembered why, coz of the volunteer run and though I wasn't a volunteer , I wanted to join them .

As I was about to go out , couldn't find the car key .In the end , found it in the compartment of the other car .By then ,my watch shows 648 am , whereas run starts sharp 7 am . Rushed to Padang Merbuk and by the time I arrived , people were just beginning to run . Had a 20 sec stretch and then slowly caught up with the main group after 10 min .

After ending at the Double hill route ,we were not sure where to go and had to wait for awhile for people who knew the direction .

After that , someone directed us up to go back to Tugu road , in my my mind I felt this was incorrect , thus I chased after the front guy and I told him if we complete this , it would had just been 11 km . He said its OK , there wasn't any road signs and we werent't sure of the road anyway .

So in the end , I was also glad to run just 11 km coz my leg was a bit aching already as this was my longest run after 2 months .

Overall timing approximately 1 hr 10 min coz in my haste at the starting just now ,I didn't press my start time for at least 5 mins.

Total mileage thus is 11 km .

Saturday, June 02, 2007

(2/6/07-Saturday-10 am morning run)

Suppose to go earlier but last minute had to fetch some friends to Hentian Putra , where they take the bus back from there . I just discovered that this is where you can find tickets if you are heading to Terengganu and Kelantan . All the counters sells tickets mainly to this 2 destination .

After that headed to Bukit Aman and started the slow jog for a total 8 km approximately .

Total time taken approx 49 min 10 sec .

Before starting , I saw Lai's car going of and I guessed he , Ronnie and gang must have just completed their work out .