Thursday, September 08, 2005

(8/9/05)- 1 last medium long run before Putrajaya Half

This Sunday is the Putrajaya Half Marathon . I'm looking forward to it . Not sure if can P R or not coz I read in Rohaizad's blog that its quite hilly ( ) .

Anyway , supposed to run at track at Kg Pandan today but due to time ,it was already 6 45 pm near Bukit Jalil thus decided to go there .As I was warming up , mei jyn spotted me and called me , at first I wasn't sure who she was and then she said she is Azwar's friend and she has her own blog She surfs my blog too , so that was how she knew me . I remembered her as the lady who likes to play frisbees . Check out her blog .

I ran 5 rounds on this route and by the 4th round it was already almost 8 pm and very dark at certain areas as the lamps were not lighted up . Only one section of the park was lighted up . I suppose this is their way of telling people that the park will be closed at 8 pm .

It was an easy run and I was averaging 5 min 46 per km pace for the run .

Distance : 13.5km
Duration of work out :Approx 1 hour 18 min 30 sec
Location :Tmn Bukit Jalil

# of times used
Asthmatic inhaler and remarks : 0 time used inhaler , breathing ok ,but not normal .

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