Monday, August 20, 2007

19/8/07-Watsons Health , Wellness and Beauty Charity WAlk and my wedding anniversary )

Me ,my wife and Ferdinand before the start of Walk . ( Pictures courtesy of Runwitme)

Walking with Eye on Malaysia at background ( Pictures courtesy of Runwitme)

At the last minute on Saturday , my wife and I decided that we will go for this walk coz of the freebies and coz we can talk about the things we had done together when we are old next time . Furthermore its our annivesary , 7 years to be exact !!

The registration was chaotic because the vans carrying all the items including the bibs didn't arrive on time due to being not sure where the exact location was . The organisers being their first time also did not know what to do .

The vans finally arrived ,we got our bibs and then the walk started . Being my first time in a competitive walk in many years , it was not easy to maintain speed all the time . At times there was a certain aches at the calf and shin area as I walked . There was also some lactic acid build up .

Some people were also running , which i think is not fair even though many goody bags await the finishers . The officials didn't observe properly the runners .

Finished in about 13:03 for a distance of about 2 km and got the goody bags , the Watson RM50 voucher and the Eye on Malaysia ticket .

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