Friday, August 05, 2005

(4/8/05, Thursday)-Not easy speedwork

Suppose to go Kg Pandan for track trainning but by the time I came out from Subang and if i were to began my journey , I would have only arrived there at 7.30pm !!

So decided to do my own fart leg at MPSJ stadium which is nearer .

Have not been doing much speed work after the Klang Quarter marathon . I felt heavy and not motivated . Suddenly , I saw this veteran guy ( in his 40s) who was doing his own speed work of 200 m repeats . I decided to join him . He told me he used to represent Malaysia for the veterans event in Korea and Thailand . He did the 200 m repeats whereas I didn't stop after the 200m but continued on for another 400 m It wasn't easy to continue on but it was easy only for the 1st 200 m , after that had to struggle to continue another 400 m .

After that he said he had enough and I just ran alone , again i felt like stopping when suddenly another veteran came by and i ran with him . He was running at about 5 min per km pace and i felt that was quite good for a veteran . He said he rarely join races but just run for health . I told him at his pace , he can actually get top 20 to 30 in his category . He said he don't think so , anyway racing is not his forte , after that he said goodbye and asked me to come again as he is more motivated to run with people .

I said I seldom run there , anyway , Friday is more off day coz SATURDAY , I'll be taking part in LARIAN CINTA ALAM@Tmn Tun .

Not sure if can get top 30 coz only top 30 can get medals.

Distance : 6.4 km
Duration of work out :36 min 28 sec
Location : MPSJ Stadium

# of times used
Asthmatic inhaler and remarks : 0 time used inhaler , breathing normal

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