Sunday, June 03, 2007

(3/6/07-Sunday-Supposedly15km NB volunteer run)

6.10 am :Alarm rang ,I slept back , wasn't sure why it rang .I though
t ,am I suppose to fetch a friend to airport , answer "NO" . Am I suppose to go tho church , answer "No" coz went yesterday . So suddenly woke up at 6.25 am , I remembered why, coz of the volunteer run and though I wasn't a volunteer , I wanted to join them .

As I was about to go out , couldn't find the car key .In the end , found it in the compartment of the other car .By then ,my watch shows 648 am , whereas run starts sharp 7 am . Rushed to Padang Merbuk and by the time I arrived , people were just beginning to run . Had a 20 sec stretch and then slowly caught up with the main group after 10 min .

After ending at the Double hill route ,we were not sure where to go and had to wait for awhile for people who knew the direction .

After that , someone directed us up to go back to Tugu road , in my my mind I felt this was incorrect , thus I chased after the front guy and I told him if we complete this , it would had just been 11 km . He said its OK , there wasn't any road signs and we werent't sure of the road anyway .

So in the end , I was also glad to run just 11 km coz my leg was a bit aching already as this was my longest run after 2 months .

Overall timing approximately 1 hr 10 min coz in my haste at the starting just now ,I didn't press my start time for at least 5 mins.

Total mileage thus is 11 km .

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