Thursday, July 07, 2005

(6/7/05 & 7/7/05) -Yesterday and Today

(7/7/05)-Today ,Track

I was not sure whether to go to track or not , wasn't really sure if my skin have healed . It did feel better after seeing the doctor . Modern medicine really works !

I had to go to track when I found out Ronnie was there and he was going to submit the form for the Putrajaya Half marathon and he was going this Saturday . So i decided to go so that i could pass him my application .

Coach didn't come so Ah Wah took over and told us to do 400m x 16 .

My average timing per 400 m was 1 min 29 sec except for twice where it was 1 min 40 sec .

The last round was all out at 1 min 12 sec .

It was a good trainning and I think the swimming helped a bit unless I'm just psychologically "tricked" (Can't remember what's the word) or just all in the mind .

After that warm down with this new guy called Kok Meng .

Looking forward to more speed work next Tuesday .

Distance : 7.5 km
Duration of work out :Approx . 1 hour
Location : Kg Pandan Sports Complex

# of times used
Asthmatic inhaler and remarks : o time used inhaler , breathing normal


I had to swim as my skin discomfort have not completely heal yet making it hard to run . I swim the wrong way , my head doesn't go under water so i use more energy when swimming . Panting after every 20 m of swimming , its like running a 400 m at 90 % pace !! .

This is my version of free style .

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