Friday, April 22, 2005

(21/4/05)-Breakfast run

Tried out a new route . Jason who is used to this route took me , Azwar ( and Ronnie ( alng this route near the hockey stadium at Jln Duta . It's a very hilly and zig zag route and very good for hill training . Ronnie , being in the mood for taking photos , stopped Azwar and I a few times to snap our photos .

Jason just ran on .After we snapped our photos , we had to run very fast to catch up with Jason . It was a kind of fartleg training for us wehen we went fast and slow . Later we found out that Jason didn't stop so much for photos coz he was aiming for a P R on this route . In fact , he just stopped once to take some photos with us and he he was insipred to go fast throughhout this route and so broke his record by 4 MINUTES !! Congrats to Jason .

After the run , we had breakfast together with the rest of the gang and as usual the conversation around the table was about running and racing .

It was a great relaxing run to try out this new route , will go again but I don't think i can remember the directions . Need perhaps Jason's help again .

Distance : 13 km
Duration of work out :Approx . 1 hour 19 min
Location : Bkt Aman to Jln Duta Hockey Stadium area and back

# of times used
Asthmatic inhaler and remarks : 1 time used inhaler ,1 hour before run , felt asthmatic and couldn't sleep so I used the inhaler 15 mins before run and then breathing back to normal .

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