Saturday, April 09, 2005

(9/4/05)-Satisfying Larian Agrobio-UPM-23rd placing


I happen to find out about this race from the TV one day , when the TV was on , and I wasn't watching , when I suddenly took a glance and saw the ad on the screen and decided to join this race as a prelude to the Pacesetter 15km race in May . I just wanted to see what would my timing be and not really to get top 20 . Of course , to get top 20 would be a bonus .


The race started at about 7 . 20 am , only 5 mins late . I thought it was going to start later coz it’s the 1st time they organise the run . Was very well organise with lots of sandwiches and banana for breakfast and fried rice with fried chicken and sandwiches after the race .


I felt my hamstring a bit tight since Friday and it carried on into the race for the 1st 5km . Thus at the beginning , Ronnie and Chen was way ahead of me already , about some 200m ahead .A lot of people overtook me in the beginning . We ran thru some red earth path the width of a tractor and had to avoid cow dung here and there !! Certain stretches were very very steep and had to walk once up a very steep hill.


I just kept to my pace and after 5 km , the hamstring wasn't tight anymore . The last 7 km , I on my turbo and manage to overtake those who went too fast in the last 5 km .I also tried to pace with some opponents and I told them come lets run together , they said OK , but after awhile , they asked me to go on first .


There was this opponent whom i wanted to beat at the Cyberjaya run in January , and I saw him again . ( In the Cyberjaya run he was 1 placing in front of me) . This time I saw him at the last 1 km about 200 m in front of me and I target to beat him . Towards the finishing line , another 200m to go , I overtook him for a sprint finish .


Didn't win anything and I'm not dissapointed . Its my first time in 15 km run and I achieve personal best of 1 hour 13 min and 47 sec ( Average 4 min 55 per km pace , although at times faster) .

I know where I stand and need to improve on my hill work.

Back to trainning

Distance : 15 km
Duration of work out :1 hour 13 min 47 sec
Location : UPM

# of times used
Asthmatic inhaler and remarks : 1 time used inhaler , just in case .

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