Thursday, December 14, 2006

(14/12/06-Evening Workout-At Lake Garden

Ran about 7 km .No more of coughing which I had this morning . There was this guy in front of me about 50 m away . He heard me coming and looked back a few times hoping I didn't overtake him . I didn't intend to overtake him anyway . I followed him for about 3 km till he went for a pee stop at the planetarium . Now I know the planeterium has a toilet on the way . Never noticed it before .

Distance :Approx 7 km
Duration of work out :Approx 45 min
Location : Lake Garden

# of times used
Asthmatic inhaler and remarks : 0 times used inhaler , breathing OK

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Anonymous said...


Good to see you back in high mileage training. I should be free next week to join you in your training sessions.