Tuesday, December 26, 2006

(24/12/06-Rain with some rain)


No run , Rest day !!


Suppose to wake up 5.30 am to run with Ronnie to Sri Hartamas but didn'r as I overslept coz came back from THe Curve at 12 am on Saturday and was tired of all the walking around .

Afternoon .

Decided to go for a run outside my hse at 4. 20 pm .

1st 7 km wheather looked like it was going to rain .
8 th km to 9 th km : It poured heavily , I told God to pls stop it temporary.
10th to 14 km : God stopped the rain , it was back to nice weather again , not to sunny nor hot .

Distance : 14 km
Duration of work out : 1 hour 33 min 48 sec
Location : Tmn Desa

TOTAL WORK OUT FOR THIS WEEK : Approx. 73.9 KM ( 36.1 km more than last week, Approx 50% increase, actually some book says only 10% increase every week or the most is 25% increase)

# of times used
Asthmatic inhaler and remarks : 0 times used inhaler , felt a bit asthmatic after 1.5 km , kept having the same feeling till 25 minutes then it was back to normal . when I had this feeling , it was harder than usual to go up the hills .

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