Tuesday, December 05, 2006

(5/6/06)-I'm back to writing blogs

I'm now a Finisher of 42.195 km ,that's what the finisher Tee from S'pore Marathon says .

I'm happy with this T-shirt for a number of factors .

BUT , 1stly ,I'm back to writing coz:
1. Anonymous encouraged me ,not sure who he/she is ,TQ
2. It seems I'm an inspiration to ashmatics. ( Hope to continue to be)
3. I'll start recording my training again with a simple daily blog for my record purpose.

3 WEEKS BEFORE MARATHON :Backache due to injury from sit-up at gym ,whereby I was supposed to do the easier sit-up but I was lazy to change the machine from a hard level to an easier level . But still ran with some pain. Did complete Pacesetter 30 km run in 2 hour 54 min .

2 WEEKS BEFORE Marathon : Back OK ,not much trainning coz helped out with children church camp at Genting for 5 days ,can see no altitude trainning but did have altitude living :) !!

4 DAYS before Marathon :Wednesday , 5 times diarhea and fever . Prayed to Jesus for help . The next day fever all gone , no more diarhea . Haleluya !!

Conversation with Justin on the week of Marathon :

Kenny : Justin ,as you know I haven't been trainning hard enough coz of all these events the past few weeks .

Justin : I know , base on all this , you better think of just completing the marathon and not set any target time .

Kenny : I believe I can do it , coz I have ran through an asthma attack and I have ran with aches or something like that . It means I think I have determination and this Marathon will need determination from me again .

Justin : Lets see how it goes on that day .

End of conversation .

3 days to Marathon and day of Marathon :

Some phlegm stucked in chest area , a bit of cough caused by phlegm .

The MARATHON Report :

Came with Ronnie and friends .

Still have phlegm . Coughing every few km to try to spit out phlegm . ( S'pore is a fine city , will they fine me for spitting during a race ? )
Used my heavy new Reebok , ( got it at half price in which ori price was RM450),lots of cushioning . Had to use this cause the other Mizuno no more cushioning and after using Reebok for a few weeks ,got used to the heaviness .

Ate and carbo load a lot on Saturday with the gang till stomach bloated . Couldn't shit out on Saturday and even morning before Marathon . No choice but to run at 1 kg heavier .

Strategy was to run 6 min per km pace and base on my split timings every 10 km , it was adhered to .

10 km mark :59 min 54 sec
21 km mark :2:01:25
30 km : 2:57:03

42.195km :4:09:32

At 30 km mark , hit the wall , meaning , my thighs ache , the right inner part of leg pain. I still went on coz of my target to either get a sub 4 or just a little above .There were some motivators along the way , namely the motivational signboards and cheer leading groups . Rubbed deep heating on my leg a few times . Last 7 km , turn on the power , but being careful not to get cramp . It was superb when reach finish line , coz inspite the pain , I have finish the RACE !!!

Next target : Great Eastern 30 km 2007

Distance : 42.195 km
Duration :4:09:32 (P.R)( Former P.R was 4:20 durings Kedah 12 hr run)
Location :S'pore

# of times used
Asthmatic inhaler and remarks : 0 times used inhaler , breathing ok


C-CUBE said...

Kenny, I really salute you and the inspiration plus the positive mental strength that you have in running the marathon. And your timing is good too. Write more about yourself bcos I believe asthmatic ppl out there need such motivation. Its not the end of the world when you are suffering from asthma. I will propagate your blog to those concern. Give us more infor about how you deal with the sickness and still live a normal and happy life. Cheers.

carboman said...

well done man! excellent run!

True runner said...

Well done my friend, you so well in the marathon its not easy to PR in a marathon but you did Bravo!