Friday, April 06, 2007

(6/4/07-Friday-2 weeks after the operation , 3 recovery gauges)

It has been approximately 2 weeks since my operation , the op was on 22/3/07 ( Thursday midnite) . Looking back , I really belief I have improved healthwise and in recovery .

I thought back some gauges and here are 3 :

Lung exercise gadget

The doc asked me to buy this lung exercise gadget which has 3 balls . At hospital I was suppose to breath in hard , the 3 balls suppose to go up . The doctor said this gadget is good coz when we just have operation , we tend not to breath properly because of the pain .

So , at hospital I breath in and only 2 balls when up . Now 3 balls can go up already .

Getting up from bed

At hospital , it was quite a strain to get up from bed because of the pain , it was using a lot of stomach muscles and hand muscles to get up from bed . It took a long time to get up from bed .

Now , I can get up from bed faster than when I was at the hospital , although its still a bit of strain but not like when at hospital .

The voice

I can hardly talk loudly without feeling any pain 2 weeks ago . My voice sounded weak . Now , its stronger already , people didn't have to keep asking me to repeat what I was saying .

So , looking at this , this is some gauge that I analyse back and looking at the improvement .

Thank you Jesus !!

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CP Waterman said...

Yes indeed you are coming along well.Three cheers for Jesus! Amen!