Sunday, December 18, 2005

(18/12/05-Sunday-Mizuno wave run -Head to head battle)

Here's a summary of my run :

1st km : Saw PM 8 at 1st km near the train station and overtook him , I didn't look back .

4th km : At the beginning of the double hill , PM8 overtook me
for a while

5th km : Downhill , I overtook PM8

8th km : Near Sultan Salehuddin u -turn , my stomach pain , 4 to 5 people started to overtook me as i slowed down , PM 8 also came by , I told him go ahead , i have lost the fight , my stomach pain .

9th km : I have some hope ,my pain subside , so at the down hill near Tugu Negara ,i on my turbo and go at 4 min per km pace downhill and overtook him , speed all the way .

10th km : One Chinese guy overtook me , not sure his name but he looked familiar. good thing it was not PM 8 . But i was afraid , i didn't dare to look back .

Last 100 m : Sprint all all the way to finish line untill face looking like want to "berak" , no looking back , scared people overtake me .

RESULT : 57th overall

How close were we :

My timing : 47 min 10 sec
PM 8 timing : 47 min 20 sec

10 secs apart !!

A tiring race and slow uphills with lactic acid !!

Distance : 10.1 km
Duration of work out :47 min 10 sec
Location : Padang Merbuk

# of times used
Asthmatic inhaler and remarks : 1 time used inhaler just in case since its a race , breathing normal

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