Thursday, March 29, 2007

(29/3/07-Thursday-Stomach held together by staples)

I just discovered my stomach is actually held together by staples and not thread . I found out when I had the appointment today to take out what I thought will be my stitches . I thought I will be seeing the doctor but it turned out to be an experienced elderly nurse.

There was just a bit of pain as she took out every pin . It totaled more than 10 over staples all together .

There was still a bit of old blood and based on the nurse advice , I still need to come back again tmw to clean the wound even though the staples has been taken out .

So , after cleaning the wound today the nurse then put on another bandage over the wound and its more thicker now .


CP Waterman said...

Hi bro,
I’d 2 wounds, one 2cm and the other 5cm. My appendix has ruptured and so they have to cut me up instead of just drilling 2 tiny holes minor operation, in which case I could be out in just a day. I had to stay inside for a week. I was operated on at about 4pm. They had to clean up the lower ab cavity also. I also had the staples like you. The Dr. administered a lot of anti biotic for fear of the whole thing ( the bad blood)could turn septic. Are you taking some anti biotic medication also?

Unfortunately the next morning after operation the nurse in charge that day ( very careless) thought I only had the minor operation type that I would be out later that day. So she told me to go take a shower on my own. I told her I was in great pain I couldn’t move let alone get up. She was mocking at me and got a male nurse to help me. But I still could not move even with his help bcos too painful. She then injected morphine into me. She and the male nurse came back 20 minutes later and forcibly I managed to get out of the bed. But my entire belly felt like exploding and I nearly pass out and fell onto a chair. She then realized I’d the ruptured appendix op. Terrifying experience!!!

You make sure you take good care of yourself!

God bless!

Raymond Hee said...

Hey Kenny,surgical staples are preferred choice nowadays than normal thread suture becoz of its low infection rate and hypoallergenic,in fact some they can absorb into your stomach itself causing less wound scars and pain.
U shud be up hitting the road very soon,did the docs give u any painkillers or oral antibiotics?

CP Waterman said...

Oops!lest your other readers being misled by my earlier comment,I was actually referring to my horrific encounter here in Paris hospital back in June 2005.
They may have one of the best medical facilities in the world, but people can still make mistakes here!

-H2O aka SPM1

C-CUBE said...

kenny, rest well and running is a secondary thing for you now. just rest kau kau lat till u fully recover. the races will always be there for you.

Kenny said...


No ,I got no antibiotics . It was administered during my stay at hospital .

Pain killer , I have . I use is only at nite .

Cube ,

Thanks .
Pls send me picture link of the shoe you recommend for me the over supinator .