Wednesday, March 21, 2007

Mon , Tues Wed , no run , sakit!!

Severe stomach gastric since Tues . 4am see private doc . Doc give injection (pain killer) .Improve a bit , less pain although , vomit 8 times . Wed 12 midnite go U H , different doc ,also injection (pain killer) , new medicine .

Wed recovering , still some pain in stomach . Stomach feel bloated like just finish eating buffet . But , haven't eaten for a day !

Whole day sleep on Tues .


pm19 said...

get well soon, Asthma Man!

Rachel Lee said...

Take care!

Kenny said...

PM19/Rachel, TQ for your well wishes !

der_pm1 said...

Kenny, I miss running wit u, pls get well ASAP!!

Tey said...

Wah..astma man....hope u get well as soon as possible.

Anonymous said...

Hi Brother Kenny,
Just rest assured that no weapon formed by the enemy shall proper over you in JESUS name! Amen!
Get well soon!
Take care!


Tan BoSe said...

Hi Kenny, sorry to hear the bad news. Hope you have a fast recovery. Take care yeah

krunner said...

Heard from PM1, you are going to be operated on. Good luck and may god take care of you while you recovering.

Anonymous said...

We intercess that the Lord will get you well soon. Have faith in him.


Boon Keat said...

Hope u get well soon and back to race with us.

Boon Keat From OX

Lawrence said...

Get well soon bro. I wanna hear more of your pia stories. Take care and God Bless!

Carboman said...

get well soon! i'm sure many of us miss ur TK during the runs!

C-CUBE said...

Kenny, get well soon.

Anonymous said...

Hi Kenny,
make sure u r fully recovered b'4 u pia again.
God bless!

Paris 4:12pm 23/3/07

CP Waterman YAP said...

Hi kenny,
Just heard that U will need 2 months to recover. So, they have "cut" open your belly. After I ran the April 2005 Paris full marathon, I resumed vigorous speed training until I suffered a ruptured appendicitis and was sent to hospital in early June. My belly got "cut" open in 2 places.Returned to very SLOW jog for a month at the end of July( so took 2 months to start training again).

Started longer and longer run only in Sept. With ZERO speed work.
Ran the end of october Paris 20k in 1hr37.Only pia the final 2K.
So, I encourage you to take plenty of time to recover first.

While you are recuperating, make sure you do lots of long runs with Jesus.Ya, take time to read all that HE said in the 4 Gospels, I promise you will do more PR runs later!

Take care now & God bless!