Thursday, January 13, 2005

(12/1/05)-(Evening)-KLCC run and junk food

Was very busy in the afternoon so i thought a bunch of bananas will help as i drove , peel skin and ate bananas for lunch .
2 hours later , still hungry and i got 2 pcs Mexican Bun . Later on in the evening had chocolate coated nuts .

I suppose all these sustained me for Fellowship run at KLCC . Ran with some other pacesetters at approx 7 min 30 per sec per km pace ( talkable pace) for 11.7 km . Went high speed on the last round I turbo and got 5 min 35 sec for the last round .

Location : KLCC

Duration :Approx 1 hour

Mileage : 11.7

OVERALL Mileage for the day :18.7km

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