Friday, January 28, 2005

(28/1/05)-(Yesterday evening)-Ran until leg injured

Yesterday evening , I ran at track again after morning run .

This time I got injured when running 1 km with 150 m more to go . Hamstring sakit .

Had to see people run only . I think at that time , I was on target for another P.R as coach said at the half way mark (500 m) that I was timed at 1 min 38 sec and if i continued at the same pace I would have got around 3 min 30 sec for the 1 km .

Anyway to analyse this I think there were 3 factors in no random order which could have contributed to this injury :

1. Running to fast down hill for the last 1 km in the morning.
2. Running above ( or even over above) my normal pace .
3. Being a late sleeper , not having enough sleep the day before , only a meer 4 hours sleep and then the morning run and followed by the evening run at track .

There were some advise given to me , and here are the excerpts :

1. Apply ice ( Hairul)
2. Do some stretching ( Justin )
3. Massage with oil ( Bee Hoon)
4. Rest ( Ronnie)
5. Don't run in the morning when have track in the evening. ( Vincent)

and etc...

I suppose this are all good advices to follow .


Duration of workout : Approx 30 mins then abrupt end

Location : Kg Pandan Sports Complex

Mileage : Less than 3 km

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li-hung said...

Very sorry to hear about the injury.

R - Rest (Let it heal)
I - Ice (Don't put ice directly on the skin! Maybe a bag of icecubes or bag of frozen corn/peas)
C - Compression (Massage it, but don't overdo it. Massage towards your heart, not away from it.)
E - Elevation (Put your feet up, literally!)

If you have tight hamstrings, stretch it daily (i.e. a couple of times a day or more). Don't stretch it too much while it is injured.

Hamstring strains can be due to faster than usual running, overstriding on downhills and just too much running at high speed.

Two runs a day can make you very fit, or it might burn you out. At your hi mileage, you need to think about having say 3-4 hard weeks and then backing off for a week.