Sunday, January 16, 2005

(16/1/05)-Sin Chew Charity Jogathon :2nd place !


When I arrived at the venue , as expected the following :

i) Everthing will be in Mandarin and I'll have to time and again ask people what did the person just said . In fact I did asked some students , but they just gave me a blank look as I think they don't speak English .

ii) No Indian turbo as this event was publicised through a Mandarin newspaper .


While waiting I just jogged around and tried to work out a good sweat .

I know my weakness is that I'm a slow starter so have to really get my system pumping if not I can't start fast since its a short race .

Then all to the starting line at 7:45 am ( suppose to be 7 :15 am) for a mixed mass start , junior guys/gals, Man/women , veteran category .


I just ran . This is after all my home ground and I know how hilly it is .My hill training helped me to overtake a number of runners . Anyway earlier before race , I saw a very fit looking chinese and fit looking Malay , I figure they will be my contenders . I overtaked that Malay man but i didn't know where that chinese was . Later on I found out he was the winner which i'm not surprised .


Was very happy to come out second placed . They were also lots of prices for top 30 or something like that in every category .I think this is a very organised charity event with many prizes . I saw a lot of smiling faces with boxes of prizes . I had a podium finish and another box of prize.


I don't think its 5 km as they said it is , I think its less than 4 km . Anyway i timed myself at approx 15 min .May be when have time , i'll go thru the route with a bike and see exactly how long the distance is .

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