Tuesday, January 04, 2005

(4/1/04)-Night Threadmill run and 2 more days to MMU Charity Run !!

I didn't run yesterday coz of very busy helping out with Tsunami packing of items .

Almost didn't run today because too busy too . At about 11 pm , I took out my long time didn't touch motorised thread mill and started running .

I jogged for a while on the thread mill and then i did :

3 min full speed of thread mill (display shows as 10.5 , I'm not suure miles or km per hour but it felt fast !!) x 5

With 1 1/2 min rest in between .

Felt satisfied with this and happy that I can touch my threadmill again and that its still working .

Location : House

Mileage : 4 km

Duration of workout : 40 min

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