Thursday, January 27, 2005

(27/1/05)-(Morning)-Speed controlled by nose

Yesterday couldn't run as had to last minute go Ipoh .

Slept only 3 hours and ran this morning . Didn't want to tax myself as I knew there was going to be track training in the evening today . So , I just ran at an average speed where I didn't need to open my mouth to gasp for air . All the time breathed through my nose . Anyway was feeling a bit asthmatic this morning and if I could have gone any faster , it could have triggered an exercise induced asthma attack .

Managed to go very fast at the last km , couldn't hold the brakes , and felt good on the fast finish . I think i averaged 5 min 30 sec to 40 sec per km pace .Last km could have been 4 min 20 sec per km pace .

Duration of workout : Approx 1 hour

Location : Lake Gardens

Mileage : 10-11 km

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