Thursday, March 17, 2005

(17/3/05)-At first didn't want to go track...kedah run , 1 week from now !

I felt like my leg was going to get injured today . I didn't really feel pain . It must have been some phobia of getting injured since the Kedah run is 1 week from now .

Anyway , I still went to track and was determined not to push too hard and be in 2nd group only . Surprisingly my friends also opt to be in 2nd group but I don't intend at all to be "PRE" ( Steve Prefontaine) . Ronnie become Pre most of the time .

Coach didn't come , his son Eugene was there to give the menu and I find it to be a simple menu but tough after many laps . Coz, the menu was :

400 m ( slow warm up)

400 m x 15 laps ( In which we get about 40 seconds rest after every lap )
Average timing = 1 min 32 sec per lap

My worst fear came , for the first 4 laps , no pain in legs but I could feel some kind of misalignment at the right back . After awhile , the pain was gone , I think it aligned back .

And that Justin and I decided to go for another 2 km but at 5 min per km pace . For a moment we went a bit too fast for the 1st 50 m coz we had forgotten how to go slow coz we had been going at 3 min 50 sec per km pace during the 15 lappers !!

Duration of workout : 1 hour

Location : Kg. Pandan Sports Complex

Mileage : 8.4 km

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