Thursday, March 10, 2005

(9/3/050-Night slow run

I started the run at 11:35 pm and ended at 1:05 am . It was a slow run going at 6 min 25 sec per km pace .

There were two experiments done :

1. Usually hold a stick with left hand (i'm a left hander) when running at night , so for 2nd round , held on right hand . It felt a bit funny and not used to it yet , but this exercise actually helps the running form and hand movements practise .

2. For the first time , used the Admiral shoe which my brother gave me , it felt light but didn't have enough asorbency .Wanted to season the shoe anyway since its new .

Ended the run , with tired legs and woke up the next morning later than usual .

Duration of workout : 1 1/2 hour

Location : Taman Desa

Mileage : Approx. 14 km

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Tey said...


I am not serious ,just join the 12h for fun....wah...this week I bc with all england ! So...I think can't join with you nite run this week...may be u ask penguin 2 tan khee meng and also terence..see they can train with you or not !