Sunday, March 06, 2005

52 nd placing out of 1200 placing in KLIM 10 KM run :)

I had a satisfactory race .Its still not as good as 10 years ago where I would be getting top 30 , but looking back at injuries which hampered my training , I would say this is satisfactory .

Anyway , happy at least get medal ( Medal only given for top 100 in 10 km race ) . Wanted to join KLIM race few years ago , submitted form but because of something happen , couldn't take part . This time can take part .

I'm still looking forward to my top form and getting even better timing next time .
I just went at a constant speed today of 4 min 27 sec per km pace .


1. There are 51 other people better than me .
2. Need to train speed more and add in more mileage .
3. I noticed in another category for the 10 km , there was an old man who looked 60 years old and he was so much faster than me after middle of the race, so I still have a lot of work to do even though he is not in my categary . .
4. This is a race where I believe I can gauge where I stand as a lot of runners and elites was taking part in this race .

Duration of workout : 44 min 34 sec

Location : KL City and Dataran Merdeka

Mileage : 10 km

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John said...

Congrats! That's fast!