Tuesday, February 01, 2005

(31/1/05)-11 30 pm night run

After 3 days of inactivity recovering from injury , (Or boring activity where Saturday 15 min treadmill run and Sunday 30 min treadmill run) , I really beh tahan already .

Put on my shoe at 11.30 pm and started running around my neighbourhood . Had some weird stares from some cars passing by but just ran on .

Started very slowly at 7 min per km pace , still felt a bit of pain .

At half way mark , upped the pace to 5 min 30 sec per km pace , the pain at hamstring became less but nevertheless kept a constant pace uphill and very slow pace downhill . Didn't want to injure hamstring further . Felt a bit of knee pain as I ran but I guess this is due to the posture of my run .

Felt great after the run , breathing normal . Could have gone further if not for the knee pain and i think i should only gradually increase mileage

Duration of workout : 50 mins

Location : Taman Desa

Mileage : 8 km

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