Saturday, February 19, 2005

(19/2/05)-Happy painless run at FTAAA circuit run

After 2 days of resting from my injury on 17/2 and 18/2 , I commenced my run . The 2 days rest did a lot of good , there was no pain at the hamstrings nor the thighs .

At times , the run was done at 4 min 45 sec per km pace for a 11 min 2.3 km lap , at times at 5 min 15 sec per km lap for a 12 min lap .

There is an improvement , as 2 days ago I was going at 6 min per km lap in order not to aggravate the injury . I could have pushed myself to 4 min 30 sec per km lap but didn't coz I was just recovering .

There was abundance of 100 + Power and water at the run and all in all I was very satisfied with my performance and enjoyed the run .

Overall for the Half Marathon category , I came out in 4th placing .

Duration of workout : 1 hour 55 min

Location : Lake Gardens

Mileage : 23 km

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John said...

Congrats on your achievement!