Thursday, February 03, 2005

(2/2/05)-Running with heavy feeling

Was suppose to join Ronnie and gang at KLCC but at 6.15 pm was still at Kesas coming from Subang . Figured if continued to KLCC , by that time it would have been 7 pm already , with the heavy KL traffic and they would have finished and i'll be running alone .

So detoured to Bukit Jalil as Kesas connects to it .

I literally felt heavy when my workout began . Not sure why . Its like wanting to go faster but some weight holding me down kind of feeling . Perhaps coz my hamstring not completely healed yet . Perhaps Bukit Jalil very hilly and I actually couldn't go up so fast the slopes .Perhaps it was feeling very warm .

Anyway , didn't really push too hard as there is still a bit of pain in hamstring . Ran at 5 1/2 min per km constant pace .

Duration of workout : 1 hour

Location : Bukit Jalil

Mileage : 10.8 km

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