Sunday, February 06, 2005

(5/2/05)-(Evening)-Report on Kolej Poly-Tech Mara Tsunami Charity Run 2005


3.20 PM : Arrived at the Kolej , registered and paid my fee , 3 other Indians were there but in the end they didn't take part coz no medal offered .

4 PM : According to schedule suppose to start , but found out will start only at 5 PM . Senam robik for almost 20 mins in the hot sun .


4.30 PM : Found out I'm :

1)The only outsider enrolled for this run , the rest are from Mara colleges .
2) The only one wearing shorts , the rest wearing track suit .In fact people were looking at me annd 1 guy asked how come i'm special , I replied i didn't know can't wear short , I said i knew about this run from friends (PM1 website) , he said no problem actually .
3)I'm the only yellow skin .


4.50 pm Found out there are 8 check points ( 1 km each) and every group will be based in a check point and run 1 to 2 km to another check point and the next group will take over . A lot of flags to be carried . Very few will run the whole 8 km


5 PM At the starting line , a number of big Malaysian flags were being passed for whoever to carry , I didn't have to carry any flag . The head also says don't run so fast , I thought oh no !!

As we ran , I just followed the slow speed for 500 m until out of the college , some students with flag started going fast , some of their friends shouted at them not to go fast . I followed the fast pack , they began to slow down and waited for the rest .


At first i was shy to go front and run fast , but as they slowed down , i told myself , JUST DO IT ! GO ONLY LAH !!

So , I ran by myself alone , following the signboard's directions .


Literally , as I'm running alone and left the whole group behind , and as I reached the checkpoints , the people who were waiting for their turn to run were actually cheering and clapping for me as I passed them . It was very encouraging . I smiled and waved at them . It felt like a real race where you are leading and people are clapping and cheering for you . Its really a RUNNER'S HIGH !! .


After running for about 6 km , suddenly I came to a section where there was no sign board at all , so i kept on running on my intuition . After running for about 1 km , I felt something was wrong , I turned back and stoppped to asked somebody the direction to the Kolej Poly-tech Mara and he told me its actually the other side . I ran the other side and suddenly saw a group of people waiting at the last checkpoint . One of them came over to show me the direction .


As I ran towards the correct direction , I still kept at a constant speed until the empty finish line .All in all , it was quite an adventurous run and one that gave me an emotional high , but mainly its more of a workout for me . Wanted to time myself for 8 km distance but in the end couldn't coz of the wrong turn .


What matter most was , I have done my small part for charity as the proceeds will all go to the Tsunami fund .

Duration of workout : 51 min ( Could have been just 40 mins if not for wrong turn)

Location : Bangi

Mileage : 10 km ( Could have been just 8 km if not for wrong turn)

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