Monday, February 07, 2005

(7/2/05)-Balik Kampung , run at Ipoh

Went back wife hometown , reached about 4 pm , no jam . After that went for the first time to Polo ground . Saw many many people , saw a KL friend who trains at Kg Pandan track ( Ah Soon ).

Found out from him 1 big round is 1.36 km . As it was late already and have to be back at in law's soon , quickly did a fast 4.08km run at 4 min 28 sec per km pace ( Felt asthmatic and took inhaler before that fast run ) for a time of approx 18 min 15 sec .

Very glad there is a place for me to run in Ipoh !!

Duration of workout : Approx. 25 min

Location : Ipoh , Polo Ground

Mileage : Approx. 5 km including warm up

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