Sunday, May 22, 2005

(22/5/05)-Pacesetter 15 km run and the happy P.R !!

I was just aiming to go below 1 hour 15 min coz I remembered two weeks ago i managed the same time at a struggle . My leg really ached 3 quarter way during the practise run 2 weeks ago . I really felt like stopping .I didn't have much power uphill and downhill.

Today being a race , I felt better than 2 weeks ago . The uphill and downhills were faster .Really liked how the markrs are shown to indicate the distance throughtout the route .

In fact , at the start , I was assembled at the 65 min and below pen . I knew that I won't be achieving this but it was just to psyche me up to be together with the fast people. As usual , using my usual tactic , I like to pace with runners not from my category and spur them on . There was this uncle , who was quite fast and I just paced with him . I told him , let's overtake that guy in front , but he was getting tired and after awhile , he asked me to go on first .

I'm happy because Istly I got a better time than 2 weeks ago , I hear i got 32nd place in my category and and also there was no pain at all as I ran ( Thank you Jesus !:) .

Some analysis :

1st 10 k : 45 min 46 sec = 4 min 34 sec per km pace

Overall average pace = 4 min 31 sec per km pace

Distance : 14.8 km
Duration of work out :1 hour 6 min 55 sec (not sure how many seconds actually , will know actual results in about 3 days time )
Location : Lake Garden to Kenny hill and back

# of times used
Asthmatic inhaler and remarks : 1 time used inhaler , breathing feel normal , but used once since its a race , just in case

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John said...

Well done! Wow! Cut down so much from your trial's timing.

Let's aim higher next year, ok?