Wednesday, May 25, 2005

(25/5/05)-Active Rest

I told Ronnie today at about 6 15 pm that i'll be resting. I told him that rsting is part of training . So I went home after that

Suddenly at 9 pm , my phone rang . My friend invited me to play futsal at his centre at Sri Petaling from 10 pm to 11 pm . I said why not , since its been a long time since i played futsal

There goes my rest for today hence we call it active rest .

Active rest coz even though not running but still sweating out with other sports .

Distance : Don't know , but perspired a lot just like running .
Duration of work out :Approx. 1 hour
Location : Insoccer Futsal Centre , Sri Petaling

# of times used
Asthmatic inhaler and remarks : 0 time used inhaler , breathing feel normal

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