Monday, May 09, 2005

(9/5/05)-Easy fart leg type recovery run

Did a sort of recovery run today . Its called a "sort" coz it was an assortment . My house mate Michael wanted to go to track as he was going to join a 1500 m race and trainning hard for it

I was to be his pacer in training today . Ran with him for his trainning which started with a 1.3 km warm up , then 1500 m time trial and then followed by a 400 m x 5 ( = 2km)

Lastly ended with a 1200 m warm down

It was just an easy run for me after yesterday's long run as my legs were still sore .

Distance : 6 km
Duration of work out :Approx 45 min
Location : Kg Pandan Sports Complex

# of times used
Asthmatic inhaler and remarks : o times used inhaler ,Breathing normal

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