Thursday, May 26, 2005

(26/5/05)-Coach said I've put on weight

He said this last week and this week . Must be a hint .

Am I insulted ? NO

Top 3 reasons on the advantage of looking fat ( although some of my friends are asking me why have i lost weight ) :

1.Opponents thinks you can't run fast.
2.When the wind blows against you during the run , you can easily run pass the wind.
3.When running downhill , you can use your heavier weight to run down without much effort .

Anyway , I arrived at track on time and the menu for today was :

1200 m: warm up with Ronnie
400 m @3 quarter pace followed immediately by 400m fart leg .

6 x 1 km =(Can't really remember exactly) 3:41 , 3:44 , 3:47 , 3:45 , 3:44 , 3:52

1200 m : Warm down

Coach also said i'm not strong mentally . Am I insulted ,?YES , BUT A BIT

Top 3 reasons why i think I'm quite strong mentally :

1.Not many astmatics are pushing themselves in running coz they are afraid , whereas I know using the inhaler will help even if need to use 3 times in a track session .(not often i need to use 3 times)

2.I ran the 12 hour run at Kedah without joinning a marathon first .

3.I came back today and had to do some shopping at Mid Valley before the centre closes and had to tahan my hunger till 11 .30 pm .

Distance : 8.8 km
Duration of work out :Approx. 1 hour
Location : Kampung Pandan Sports Complex

# of times used
Asthmatic inhaler and remarks : 0 time used inhaler , breathing feel normal,

BUT ...Justin and I did joke may be next time i should just breath astmatically in front of coach to show that I had really pushed myself and take my inhaler infront of him . ..hihihihihih

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