Tuesday, February 13, 2007

(12/2/07-Monday-"Noisy "run)

"Noisy" coz me , Justin and Lai ran in the rain . I was wearing my rain coat and I could hear the rain beating on my rain coat . Other than that , we all didn't talk much . I was feeling a bit asthmatic ,a number of times I was struggling while there were like 20 m in front of me .I was tired from all this asthmatic breathing and could only complete 2 rounds . Both Justin and Lai completed 3 rounds .

I went back to Bkt Aman car park and changed first and after that headded in my car to Carcosa as I guessed there were still there and made some encouraging "noise " while in the car , asking them to keep going .

Lap 1 : 34 min 43 sec
Lap 2 : 33 min 6 sec

Distance :11 km
Duration of work out :1 hr 7 min 49 sec
Location :Lake Garden

# of times used
Asthmatic inhaler and remarks : O times used inhaler , breathing not OK ( as per story written above)

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