Tuesday, February 13, 2007

(13/2/07-Tuesday-Run until P R )

Lap 1

Justin, Lai , Ronnie and I ran again .Before the run , Ronnie told me yesterday it is going to be a race . I looked forward to it . At the beginning of the first lap , we were all together . When we came down at the mosque , Lai made his move and I followed him . It was quite fast and Lai was good at maintaining that fast pace .

Lap 1 : 27 min 04 sec ( 4 min 55 sec per km pace)

Lap 2

We ended round 1 together and continued at the fast pace at Carcosa . As we ran down the hill of Carcosa , I could see Ronnie coming at the back , he was wearing his striking new Brooks running shirt so it was easy to sopt him . Lai was wearing the same thing too . After the hill at Carcosa I slowed down while Lai maintained his pace till the deer park hill . Ronnie caught up and was at the same pace with me near that deer park hill and he said he wants to catch Lai . I said me too or something like that . We ran together and caught up with Lai after the deer park .

We 3 ran together till after the mosque . Lai was just half a meter behind us but we pulled away from him.

Head to Head

Then now , I'm head to head with Ronnie . He took a lot of breath from me because he can run at the same fast pace without slowing down . We are still head to head till 100 m before finish line at the playground and I told him i'm openning my turbo ( He asked me to warn him earlier when I'm going to on my turbo ) . I sprinted to the finish line alone .

PR !

Lap 2 : 25 min 47 sec ( 4 min 41 sec per km pace)...... 1 Lap PR for me and I'm very happy


We cool down 1 more small Lake lap . Towards the end , I told Lai after 1 hour if we do some speed work , we will improve our fast twitch muscle . He said he was ready to sprint with another 100m to go . We sprinted together and after that Lai stopped sprinting and I sprinted alone to the finish line .

Small Lap 3 : 14 min 45 sec ( 6 min 24 sec per km pace)

Distance :13.3 km
Duration of work out :1 hr 7 min 36 sec
Location :Lake Garden

# of times used
Asthmatic inhaler and remarks : 1 times used inhaler , breathing OK but used it before the " race " as always .

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