Monday, February 05, 2007

(4/2/07-Sunday-Run Light and Easy with Justin)

The title says Light because for the first time I now have a very light shoe specially for competition . Bought the Asics Ohana Racer at a warehouse sale on Saturday evening .Cost RM 180 . (Original retial at RM 440) , thus approximately 60 % discount . I see this as one of the best buys I have had .

Jamie asked me to the a review , I'm not good at it but here is what I can write based on my experience :

Weight comparisons :

Reebok Vector Shear Strip EX II : 427 gm

(I have been using this for trainning and will continue to use this)

Mizuno Wave Rider : 345 gm

( I used this since end 2005 ,I thought it was quite light and comfortable and I used it for racing )

My new Asics Ohana Racer : Only 241 gm !!

( Its so much lighter , imagine every time I'll be using Reebok for trainning and when have race or "race" , I think I can go faster with this !! )

Comments :

I was wearing Nike Dri-fit socks with this shoe . Comfortable landing especially at the heels . The softness at the heels are just nice . Landing sound also quite soft as opposed to the Reebok I'm having . Ran with Justin 14 km and no blister . When going fast its easy especially towards the end of the run when our legs are tired but with this , there is some ease in lifting the legs . Good asorbtion and cushioning for a light racing shoe .

The front also feels comfortable .

There is some technology where air can escape through some outlets thus preventing heat build up coz at the moment I didn't feel heat build up when running . Not sure whether heat will build up as i didn't run fast for long .

I didn't feel as much spring as the Reebok where when I go fast , although Reebok is heavy , the spring mechanism at the heel area compensates for the weight .

Overall ,I feel very happy with this shoe .

Distance :14 km
Duration of work out :1 hr 30 min approx
Location : Lake Garden

# of times used
Asthmatic inhaler and remarks : 0 times used inhaler , breathing not so smooth , but minimal effect on the running .


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