Sunday, February 25, 2007

(25/2/07-Sunday-Ran X-Country Race and could have got a medal !)

Yes , could have got a medal ! Coz , at the mid point when we came out from Lake Garden at the turning down into Jalan Parlimen towards Padang Merbuk , Adam was there to tell us our position . He said I was at position number 35 ( there are 40 medals up for grabs ) .

In fact , after that I overtook 2 people before the jungle trail near Padang Merbuk .

Disaster at jungle trail near Padang Merbuk !!

followed the group of runners in front of me down this dangerous looking trail . People were quite cautious making sure they looked at their paths to make sure they don't slip . In fact behind me , there were people who slipped . As we kept on running , suddenly i heard some group of people in front of me saying "Ay " and"Hoy" . We have come out to the road . I don't remember coming out to the road so quickly during the practise yesterday . Our group was all lost .We ran to one direction of the road and wasn't sure where to go . There was no officials to guide us therefore the " Ay " and "Hoy" and some cursing . We ran towards the other side of the road and found its not correct coz its where we came from and another group was already running there heading towards where we had come from before going into that path. Zul and Isaiah was also following me .

Overtook by many !!

e went back to the path again and found those who were behind us taking the right path. I reckon 5 mins has passed and at least a dozen people has overtaken me .After that there was no more spirit, in fact There was no more spirit in one of the very good runners ( this indian guy who always train in Lake Garden) . I could easily overtake him afterwards .

Just keep trying

I didn't know what position i'm at at this moment , but I didn't stop . Kept running hoping there is still chance for a medal . In fact during this time , towards the last 2 km + , I went faster and overtook at least 5 over people .

Ending line

Put on my turbo towards the last 300 m and overtook another 1 guy but its too late . Position 41 . Missed medal by one :( :(

Try again next time .

Distance :8.2 km
Duration of work out : 50 min 3 sec
Location :Lake Garden vicinity
# of times used Asthmatic inhaler and remarks : 1 times used inhaler , breathing so so before race .


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