Wednesday, February 28, 2007

(28/2/07-Wednesday-Mid-week "race")

Me , Ronnie and Lai were prepared to pia during this mid-week . We were prepared to suffer and go a mad pace . Its like a trainning cum race where a mad pace is set every Wednesday and we will try to follow each other as much as we can .

It was also a fun anticipation of this "race" and the whole day preparing the mind for it or at least I did . I could only go 4 rounds due to time factor but Ron when 5 rounds . Lai was not at his best condition and followed our pace up to about 3 rounds .

After the race , I met a new friend , Badrul ( the one who was at first top 20 until he took the wrong route with me at FTAAA X-country and after that he no more semangat and I overtook him during the race last Sunday , see my report ) . In fact he is a 3 hour marathoner and he just finished his 3 laps speedwork of 9 min per lap (non-stop i think?!) !!

My lap statistic was far from his :

Lap 1 : 11 min 27 sec (4 min 30 sec per km pace)
Lap 2 : 10 min 47 sec (4 min 41 sec per km pace)
Lap 3 : 10 min 13 sec (4 min 26 sec per km pace)
Lap 4 : 9 min 43 sec ( 4 min 13 sec per km pace)

Distance :9.2 km
Duration of work out : 42 min 11 sec ( compared to yesterday : 55 min 16 sec)
Location :Lake Garden
# of times used Asthmatic inhaler and remarks : 1 times used inhaler , breathing didn't feel normal half way during the "race" but ran on coz it was a mild abnormality , after the race , there was a lot of "tham " from my nose .

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